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So dear aspirants, the day you had been preparing for, for a long time is about to come: the day you attached your dreams to and the day you sacrificed your comfort for. Exam, of whatsoever type it might be, does bring pressure and testing moments; and CSS exam, the one that can change the whole course of your life, would understandably be something really difficult for you to swallow. Anyway, the purpose of this write-up is to wish best of luck to all of you and share with you some tips which would, surely, be helpful for you during the course of examination. So without taking more time, let us start with them:

1. Visit your exam centre once before the exam. On paper day, do reach there at least an hour before the start of the paper.

2. It is better to start the exam day with Fajr prayer as no one can succeed without Allah’s help. Do request your parents to specially pray for your success.

3. Sleeplessness is a common problem with many candidates, particularly, on the might before the first paper. Be ready for it and seek your doctor’s advice well before time to handle such a situation. A sound sleep is imperative to a satisfactory performance on the exam day.

4. Don’t burden your mind unnecessarily trying to study till the last moment. Ideally, you should avoid studying at all on the exam day. It is more important that you remain fresh for going through the laborious process of the day.

5. More often than not your first impression after glimpsing over the question paper would be that you can’t attempt even a single question satisfactorily. Don’t get nervous; it’s quite normal. Read the questions again with patience and you would definitely find many beacons of hope illuminated.

6. At times, paper is really difficult and maybe out of the routine pattern. In this case, too, you should hold your nerves as if something is difficult for you; it’s difficult for other aspirants as well. Just focus on your capabilities and try to perform better than the others.

7.  Never, I say it again, Never be hasty in answering a question. A question appearing extremely simple can be enormously complex and tricky. Read the question again and again and understand its requirements fully prior to going for the answer.

8. Avoid discussing the paper with any one after coming out of the examination hall. Your focus should be only on your next paper and that’s it. Once you are done with your all papers, you would have ample time for  discussion. Discussion during the course of examination can be detrimental to your performance.

9. Time management is an issue you would definitely be facing during the course of the exam. Before answering a particular question, fix a time limit for it and strictly adhere to it. Never be greedy to write more and more in one answer as it will cost you in other answers.

10. While answering questions, never compromise on neatness. It is always better to write less but neat than more but illegible. Always bear in mind that you are writing for someone else’s eyes. Unless you make the examiner understand what you have written, you can’t make him award you good score.

11. While taking the exam, sequence your answers according to the quality of the material you have: among the questions you can answer the best should be attempted first. Once your good answer makes your good image with the examiner, even your poor answers would not cost you much.

12. Do save some time for re-reading the paper at the end. This practice will help you correct many of your mistakes.

In the end , I again pray for your success.

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