Tips & Tricks for CSS English Essay

Tips & Tricks for CSS English Essay

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First, it is vital to take time to fully understand the topic and effectively structure your stance to the question posed in the topic statement. Many able candidates, in the given pressure and time, fail to hit the bull’s eye, i.e. targeting the essay question, and they fail this paper.

Second, focusing on the outline as well as the introduction is also vital. The outline conveys your ideas and trajectory for your essay whilst the introduction gives the examiner a fair idea about your command over English grammar and syntax. Write them in rough, re-read and then start writing the essay.

Third, main body of the essay should be a single, coherent and well-connected representation of your ideas. Always stay to the point and avoid controversial aspects. The reason I say this is that one should respond positively as it hedges the risk of an unpredictable examiner.

Fourth, do not memorize essays; rather work on developing new ideas. Draft outlines and conclusions as much as you can because it allows you to learn the skill of thinking on the spot. Topics in CSS Essay paper are of varying natures, and an apt thought process will surely help you with all sorts of topics.

Finally, your conclusion should provide an optimistic overview with forward-looking approach, covering the main aspects of the essay. Since you are aiming for bureaucracy, the criterion for your judgement is the way you approach problems and come up with pragmatic solutions to them.

M. Awaid Irshad Bhatti (PAS), 1st in Pakistan CSS-2017/18

My essay followed a fixed trajectory: Introduction (Opening + Thesis Statement) – Context – Exposition – Authority – Analysis – Conclusion. This allowed me to present my arguments clearly and coherently.

Mohammad Murtaza (PAS), 3rd in Pakistan, CSS 2017/18

Essay is the most difficult paper in CSS, and, perhaps, rightly so. There are numerous ways to write it but the key is to understand the topic and giving sound arguments in grammatically correct English.

Muhammad Murad (PSP), 7th in Pakistan (1st in Sindh Rural), CSS 2017/18

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First of all, introduction should be impressive. You essay must be expressive, coherent, logical and encompassing (covering every aspect). There must be thesis statement. Secondly, its contents should be relevant, intellectual and logical to the topic. Thirdly, conclusion should be well-organized, touching every aspect of your essay.

Maleeha Iesar (PAS), 1st in Pakistan, CSS-2016/17

I like attempting argumentative essays and expressing my opinions on subjects. I did that by building my argument step by step. Essay is about the art of paragraphing where one paragraph should seamlessly lead into another and one should also avoid cluttering ideas into one paragraph.

Mariya Javaid (PAS), 3rd in Pakistan, CSS-2016/17

I introduced the topic by giving a brief overview of the points I would be discussing; presented some examples from history, contemporary world and Pakistan; highlighted some counter arguments against the mentioned examples and re-countered them to justify my point, and concluded the topic with summing up all the arguments and justifications I had given in the body of the essay.

Nawab Sameer Hussain Laghari (PAS), 2nd in Sindh, CSS-2016/17

First of all, selection of essay is very important and it needs brainstorming for 30-40 minutes. I narrowed down two topics and worked on outlines – in the rough. I finally selected one topic on which I had enough data. After completing my essay, I provided a neat outline.

Dr Tayyab Hayat (PAS), 8th in Pakistan, CSS-2016/17

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