Most Expected Questions for CSS, PMS Interviews


Most Expected Questions


CSS, PMS Interviews

Zohaib Ahmed Anjum (PAS)

Most Expected Questions

How to Introduce Yourself?

  1. Start by thanking the interviewer for giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself.
  2. Mention your full name (If Interviewer has addressed you with your name, don’t re-state your name)
  3. Mention your hometown or area you belong to.
  4. State your academic background. Start from the latest degree. Mentioning one or two degrees would suffice. Mention the name of your alma mater. If you have exceptional scores in that degree or a particular area, do mention that. Also specify the research project or conference papers, if any, you have authored or presented. You should also highlight extracurricular activities if you have any distinction in them.
  5. If you are serving, or have served, as a professional in any sector, mention your areas of expertise, your job description, and any extraordinary performance or contribution that you have rendered as part of that profession.
  6. Highlight your key strengths but those that you mention must fit-in. It should not be a random selection. Such strength should reflect upon professional, academic or intellectual aspects of your personality.
  7. Briefly talk about your family. You may start from mentioning your parents and brothers and sisters. You can highlight their professions or academic background. But do keep it short.
  8. You can also mention your hobbies, your favourite personality that has left imprints on your life.
  9. Close your introduction with an effective and powerful tone. You may also hint that you are ready to throw light on other aspects of your personal life as well.

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