In Conversation with Sardar Mavarhan Khan, PSP, 39th Common

Be Clear about your Goal with High Morale

Jahangir’s world times (JWT): Please tell us about your-self, educational background and achievements in detail.

Sardar Mavarhan khan (SMK): Well, I belong to district Kkhanewal; I am a simple person who believes in egalitarianism, equity and altruism. I took my primary and secondary education from Kkhanewal and I did my masters in International Relations from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. Apart from this I studied Philosophy and literature throughout conscious hood span of my life. Now as far as achievements are concerned frankly speaking, I could never estimate my achievements in life for worth mentioning. Anyhow during my school and college days I remained president of literary society at school as well as college levels. Moreover, I vibrantly participated in student politics during my stay in the university and I remained chairman of Saraiki Students Council as well as Quaid-e-Azam Students Federation (QSF).

JWT: What types of guidance one should seek?

SMK: Prior guidance, I would say that first one should go for understanding of collective wisdom through the critical observation of social norms and societal progress; as well as through voracious reading not only for the CSS exam but for every thing whatever your goal is. Furthermore, getting inspiration from learned and intellectual persons is also necessary for the mature approach.

JWT: Did you prefer books or notes; what should be prepared and how?

SMK: Undoubtedly good books related to the discipline or subjects should be consulted but through skimming not through cramming. I have done the same I never made notes but it does not mean that one should not make notes. If one feels comfortable with notes instead of books then there is no harm in it.
“I would say that first one should go for understanding of collective wisdom through the critical observation of social norms and societal progress.”

JWT: What are the prerequisites for the CSS examination? For instance a new student appearing for CSS, what type of ability and talent should he possess?
SMK: First of all one must have deep interest, inclination and tendency towards the civil services. Secondly, an overall intellectual passion along with smart work is necessary to qualify the CSS exam. Furthermore, one should go through CSS related stuff for instance, syllabus, compulsory & optional subjects, past papers etc. Indeed, candidates ought to consult subject specialists as well as senior candidates who gone through the whole process of CSS.
JWT: What are the steps for the preparation especially English essay and composition paper?
SMK: well for Essay, one has to understand the basic concept of English Essay i.e. how to build a thesis of the topic and how to prove it with substantial arguments. Whereas, for the paper of English composition and grammar is purely a test of a language; and extensive practice is the only panacea in my opinion.

JWT: What sort of combination candidates should opt for the optional subjects?

SMK: Actually, it’s totally a matter of anyone’s self interest in some particular field e.g. a candidate who has a background of  social sciences must opt subjects like international relations, history, sociology, languages, psychology, political science and philosophy etc. However, on the other hand if one belongs to natural sciences then must go for biology, physics, chemistry ,etc. I must say candidates do not go for the scoring trends or subjects if they have not any interest in them.

JWT: What are the ways to get higher marks in written and interview?

SMK: No doubt, smart and intelligent work along with comprehensive study is the only tool to get higher marks in the CSS exam. In fact, candidates should write to the point they should not bother about the length of the answers. Whereas, for interview intellectual depth with height of confidence is the key for ultimate success; one must not take things on his or her nerves.
JWT: How many months and daily hours are required for CSS preparation?
SMK: If someone starts from scratch then almost 9 to 10 months are required with a sufficient study period of 6 to 8 hours daily. However, if a candidate has a good know how of the things related to the CSS exam like English language & composition, writing skills and general knowledge then it takes almost 6 months to achieve the desired group.
JWT: What are the general problems of CSS candidates in southern Punjab?
SMK: Lack of proper awareness about the CSS exam, absence of competitive atmosphere and supportive institutions are the biggest problems. While, cognitive dissonance and over awe impression of the CSS exam is also an important problem of the candidates from Southern Punjab in my opinion.
JWT: What are the key steps to get good marks in Urdu?
SMK: Well for Urdu I would say, first of all one should have deep interest in Urdu literature and language. Secondly, the well articulated answers touching the core of the question can give good marks in Urdu.
JWT: Why you opted for Police as your top choice?
SMK: Police is the only department which is directly facing the monster of terrorism, suicide bombing etc. I always welcome the challenges in my life that is why I opted for Police.

Any Message

Be clear about your goal with high morale.
Broad your vision and unlearn in order to learn more.
Remember failure is not your fault but low aim is crime

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