In Conversation with FAROOQ AHMED, 2nd in Punjab, PMS-2015

Farooq Ahmed

Clarity, coherence, relevance and expression of ideas with the help of diagrams are always effective for securing maximum marks in written part of PMS

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background?

Farooq Ahmed (FA): I got early education from my native village Bair Band in Muzaffargarh District. Afterwards, I got admitted to Shakir Science Higher Secondary School Khan Garh where I studied up to intermediate level. From Government Emerson College Multan, I did my B.Sc. and then I proceeded to Islamabad and earned my master’s degree in microbiology from the prestigious Quaid-i-Azam University.

JWT: As everyone starts dreaming of a future career in childhood, so what were your dreams? Did you always aspire to be a PMS officer?

FA: Actually, becoming a PMS officer was never my top priority as I always wanted to be a doctor. But, unfortunately, I couldn’t get enough marks to get admission to a medical college. But, I didn’t lose heart and decided to chance my arm in government service. And through my unrelenting efforts, I remained successful in my endeavour by securing second position in the Punjab province.

JWT: What’s the thing that attracted you most toward PMS?

FA: I decided to join Provincial Management Service because in this prestigious service, there are ample opportunities for the officers to grow, learn and earn. Vertical and horizontal mobility also make an important feature of this service and these vital aspects attracted me most.

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Farooq Ahmed PMS 2015 Topper in PunjabJWT: How much helpful did you find Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) during your preparation?

FA: Jahangir’s World Times is an ultimate source of guidance for preparation of all sorts of competitive exams. The mag provides a royal road to success through enlightening and highly informative articles. I regularly consulted JWT in order to keep myself abreast of current happenings in Pakistan and across the world.

JWT: What, in your opinion, is the key to get through written part of PMS exam?

FA: Extensive reading as well as writing, to me, is the key to getting excellent marks in written part of PMS examination. Besides this, learning analytical skills is also important because these enable the aspirants to tackle all sorts of tricky questions. Clarity, coherence, relevance and expression of ideas with the help of diagrams are always effective for securing maximum marks in written part of PMS or any other competitive exam.

JWT: What strategy should an aspirant follow in order to get through compulsory papers?

Farooq Ahmed PMS 2015 TopperFA: For compulsory subjects, aspirants should read the authentic books recommended by the respective Public Service Commission. Moreover, making short and long notes for every subject would be prudent and a step in right direction if one wants to have an impressive score in compulsory as well as optional subjects. Adopting a balanced approach for all subjects is also imperative.

JWT: What were the toughest and the easiest parts of your entire PMS journey?

FA: The toughest part in my PMS journey was time management especially in the case of optional subjects while the easiest one was psychological assessment and interview.

JWT: Since you secured second position in PMS 2015, what’s important about your PMS experience you would like to share with the prospective candidates?

FA: First of all, I am immensely grateful to Almighty Allah for bestowing me such honour. After Him, I am thankful to my parents and teachers as I have no words to praise their moral support through thick and thin. I owe special gratitude to my friends especially Abdul Wasay, Wasim Jatoi, Faisal Shiraz, Hussnain Dajli, Shahid Baloch, Arslan, Usman, Shan, Ali Kherra, Qayoom, Rauf, Waqas Hameed and Yasir Sihar as their encouragement instilled in me the confidence that I can achieve all my goals.

JWT:  Do you think students should join academies for better guidance?

FA: I think, academies do play a vital role in unlocking the hidden talent of the aspirants. The aspirants who do not have proper awareness about competitive examinations should prefer to join academies. For this very purpose, World Times Institute is the best choice because the test sessions conducted at WTI are very helpful in further polishing candidates’ skills and making them highly confident.

Farooq Ahmed PMS 2015 Topper 2nd in PunjabAdvice for Fresh Aspirants

First of all, all new aspirants should have immense confidence in themselves. Subject selection with proper consultation is also important for this whole race of competition. After that, they should do a scheduled and planned study rather than a random one that is they should first complete one subject and then start another.

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