In Conversation with three siblings Dr Sumair Noor, Dr Sharjeel Noor and Dr Saba Noor, CSS-2012 together

This is, indeed, a unique and probably unprecedented incident in the history of CSS. For the interest of our readers, JWT brings a collective interview of these brilliant individuals.

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Kindly tell us about your educational background and achievements briefly and separately?

Dr Sumair Noor (DSuN): Larkana is my home city. So, after getting my entire formal education form here, I earned my MBBS degree from Chandka Medical College, Larkana. I have been a brilliant student throughout my educational career and I secured positions and gold medal in MBBS. I was honoured as the best graduate of my batch. Previously, I had qualified CE 2009 and had been allocated to MLCG.

Dr Sharjeel Noor (DSaN): Like my brother Dr Sumair, my entire education is from this city. I also completed my MBBS degree from Chandka Medical College Larkana. With the grace of Allah Almighty, I had secured positions throughout my career. I have also the honour to win gold medals and distinctions during my education.

Dr Saba (DSbN): I have also acquired my entire education in Larkana. I also did my MBBS from Chandka Medical College, Larkana from where both my brothers became doctors.

JWT: You have a professional degree of MBBS at your credit and you all are gold medallists as well. Then, why all three of you decided to join the Civil Service of Pakistan?

DSuN: Frankly speaking, since my childhood, I have dreamt of becoming a police officer. Though I earned a professional MBBS degree, but I never gave up my ambition. However the fact remains that had I not been able to join the Police Service, I would have been a medical practitioner today.

DSaN: Though, I am a gold medallist but being a doctor has never been my top priority. If I were a doctor, it would have restricted my vision to serve the nation in a particular field. I always aspired to become a part of Civil Service of Pakistan, mainly because I firmly believe that it is the only forum where one is able to interact with general public and serve the masses to the best of one’s abilities.

DSbN: It had been my long-cherished dream to become a part of Civil Service and serve the country from a larger platform. However, prior to it I wanted to become an MBBS because this field of study not only widens our horizons to perceive things but also makes us interact with the common masses and know their problems to their satisfaction.

JWT: Now I want to ask a question from both of you brothers as your marks in psychology are excellent. What strategy you should advise to other aspirants who want to opt it?

DSuN: Since ‘Psychology’ is a scientific subject, it should be dealt with prudently. One should read books of foreign authors and try one’s utmost to cover the whole syllabus. While attempting answers, all perspectives of questions should be covered, supported with facts and figures, relevant approaches and supplemented with daily life examples or experiments.

DSaN: I think, in order to secure good marks in psychology, the candidates should read quality books and surf the internet to gather information on modern innovations and researches. While attempting the questions, candidates must cover all aspects of the topic.

JWT: Who can opt for psychology? Is it so that only the aspirants with science background can perform well? And also, do suggest some good books and tips to the students.

DSuN: Though Psychology is not a pure science, some topics are, undoubtedly, typical. Scientific topics like CNS, Endocrine and Development Psychology can be easily mastered by reading good books on psychology. One can read books like Psychology and Life by Zimbardo, Understanding Psychology by Robert Feldman.

DSaN: I think anyone can opt for psychology, but students with science background have some advantage in this regard. Some goods books, sufficient to grasp the subject, are Development Psychology by Laura Berk and Psychology and Life by Richard J. Gerrig & Philip G. Zimbardo.

JWT: All of you couldn’t get high score in interview. What’s the reason behind? 

DSuN: To be very true, I don’t know actually why I scored low in interview. I think I had performed well and viva voce has always been my strength. In CSS-2009, I scored 210 marks. Nevertheless, the best strategy in interview is to give cogent, concise and clear answers.

DSaN: I am unable to find the reason behind this because the members of panel were quite satisfied with my performance.
For scoring high in interview, I feel, clearly and concisely answering the questions along with supporting arguments is indispensable.

DSbN: I could score merely 127 though I was sure to secure good marks. My interview went smoothly and I kept on responding to each question to the best of my knowledge. However, such incidents happen and are part of life.

JWT: Discuss books and notes? What should be prepared and how?

DSuN: Both books and notes are important. One’s strategy should be to read books thoroughly because this will improve one’s abilities to critically analyse the things. After that, the candidates should prepare their own notes mainly of two types: one detailed and other in bullet form.

DSbN: I believe at initial stages of preparation we should read books instead of rushing behind the notes. One can comprehend the proper context and perspective of topics from books. After that the candidates may prepare their notes according to their capacity.

DSaN: I prefer books over notes. Books are the real source of knowledge. They clearly explain the true picture of the topic and also help us in improving our critical thinking. One should make his own notes, after reading qualitative books.

JWT: Would you like to share any tip regarding time management especially in the examination hall because many candidates couldn’t attempt five questions or sometimes could not do justice with the outline in essay paper due to poor time management?

DSuN: Time management is very crucial for CSS.  One has to do justice with all the questions. I gave 30 minutes each to 4 subjective questions and 15 minutes to MCQs. Hence, I had 45 minutes to give extra time to any question as per its requirement.

DSbN: Candidates should efficiently manage their time. They must dedicate more time to lengthy questions and try to cover the topic from multiple dimensions. It is better to answer all the 5 questions rather than to leave any question owing to shortage of time. Outline of an essay carries a lot of significance in deciding one’s fate.

DSaN: Prior to attempting answers, divide your time according to the need of the questions. Don’t write unnecessary things in the answers. For outline of an essay, it is required to write a detailed overview of your essay that may include the things you are going to elaborate in it. So, use time prudently.

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