Nothing is Interesting if you are Not Interested

Mr. Azeem Anjum Hanbi Assistant Commissioner Revenue, Quetta Division.

Jahangir’s World Times: Please tell us about your-Self education and achievements?
Azeem Anjum Hanbi: I belong to the hottest place of Asia i.e. Sibi and did my Matriculation from Boys High School Railway Colony Sibi. I did my graduation in Sociology as a private candidate, I moved to the University of Balochistan and did M.A in English Literature and then, I joined Balochistan Civil Services (Executive Branch) in 2002.  Moreover, during my academic career, I have been a debater, compere, scout and naat-khwan. Besides creating poetry, I also translate short stories of Sindhi and English into Urdu. I won many prizes in Qirat, Naat and Quiz competitions too. I have been President of Bazm-e-Adab at School and General Secretary of Literary Society at University level. I have won ‘Most Regular Student’s Award’ at College and University level.

JWT: Is PCS exam of Balochistan is different than CSS exam?

AAH: yes, difference definitely exists between these two exams. In CSS questions are more generalized than those of PCS, which are subject specific. That is why; a generalized approach is much easier to be achieved than that of specific. Pattern of PCS Question Papers has now been changed and objective questions have also been included as of CSS question papers.

We will hardly find countries paying extraordinary attention to learn English like us. In fact, when a person using English words while; speaking Urdu or any other language is called intelligent.
JWT: What strategy Candidates should adopt for the compulsory paper of English?
AAH: There is no doubt English is a tricky subject. We will hardly find countries paying extraordinary attention to learn English like us. In fact, it has become a phobia, when a person using English words while speaking Urdu or any other language, is called intelligent. On the other hand, if a single non-English word is spoken during English discussion, then the person is blamed to be ignorant and uneducated. However, paper of English usually contain essay, precis etc. So, in my opinion essay is a test of our grammatical expertise but on the contrary, we just put bombastic words, jargons and tons of information and tabulations. Though it’s good, yet it requires excellent grammatical approach too. Furthermore, Precis is more technical and less grammatical this is why; most of the candidates make blunders while attempting it. Therefore, proper guidance from renowned teachers, practise and group discussions are necessary.

JWT: What steps are required for success in PCS exam?

AAH: Nothing is interesting if you are not interested. Submission of application forms doesn’t guarantee success. One has to work hard. It’s a common factor that whenever we sit for study, all unnecessary tasks come in front of us at that time and become bottlenecks in the purpose. So, thorough study, dedication and self-confidence are the key steps for success. Remember, talent is hidden in everyone. All that has to be done is to polish it.

JWT: General knowledge paper of PCS is considered tougher than general knowledge papers of CSS do you agree?

AAH: No, I do not agree. Actually, there are three papers of ‘General Knowledge’ in CSS-exam and one has to obtain 120 marks in aggregate to pass. On the other hand, in PCS-exam there is only one paper of ‘General Knowledge’ comprises of abbreviations, every day science, current affairs etc. Thus in my opinion ‘General knowledge’ papers of CSS are more difficult then PCS.

JWT: Scheme of optional papers is entirely different in PCS as compare to CSS exam, please tell which optional subjects are scoring in PCS-exam and what are the ways to get high marks in optionals?

AAH: Yes, in CSS there are two types of optional subjects i.e. optional 1. Optional subjects 100 marks and 2. Optional subjects of 200 marks which comprises on two parts and each part is of 100 marks. But this is not the case in PCS-exam, here one has to opt three optional subjects each containing 150 marks and these subjects are not divided into two parts like CSS-exam.

Moreover in my opinion, Sociology, Journalism, European History, History of USA, Geography, English Language and Literature, Public Administration, Forestry, Law subjects and International Relations are scoring subjects. In addition, science subjects are also scoring but they require ‘bookish’ information rather than empirical knowledge. Now for getting higher marks in written I would say, one should give proper introduction and conclusion while attempting the questions and use of appropriate headings and quotations is essential.

JWT: How one can get higher marks in interview?

AAH: Well, Interview is a technical process. In fact, it is an analysis of human personality. Here, candidates do remember one thing i.e. one may differ from the interviewer but it must be polite and candidates must have a positive attitude.

One should have eye to eye contact with the interviewer and avoid cross-questioning. Moreover, don’t try to cheat the examiner both in written and viva, respond to the questions with confidence and answer when you are sure about.

One should not give wrong answers knowingly. Thus, I think these are the best ways to get higher marks in the interview.

JWT: What are the problems of PCS-candidates in Balochistan?

AAH: Lack of proper guidance and information are the basic problems. Mostly candidates consult only one book. Balochistan is facing lack of academies and the booksellers do not keep proper books. Business is their priority. There should not be any compromise on quality, which is, unfortunately prevailing in the environment.

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