One must seek proper guidance from seniors (In Conversation with Zain-ul-Abideen Ansari)

Please tell us about your educational background.

I belong to district Hyderabad (Sindh) and have done MSc in ‘Criminology’ as well as MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) from University of Sindh, Jamshoro. It was after doing MBA when I decided to appear in the CSS examination.

What type of ability, talent and knowledge should a candidate for CSS examination possess?
Yes, particularly there are some prerequisites of CSS which a candidate must possess in my opinion. These are: A candidate should be better in English relatively and it includes all aspects reading, writing (presentation and expression) and understanding.
He/she must work with dedication and in a proper direction.
One must seek proper guidance from seniors.
Both general reading for making the intellectual base along with focused reading for the exam are crucial.
What strategy one should adopt for the preparation of English essay and composition paper?
As I earlier said candidate should have a better understanding of English similarly,
Marks in optional subjects vary but candidates may take subjects of their own liking and according to their academic background.
essay and composition are two most important papers because in this paper one has the opportunity to express his/her command of the English language. There are three parts in the essay.
  1. Introduction
  2. Body of essay
  3. Conclusion
Introduction and conclusion may be of two to three pages and both must have the thesis statement preferably at the end, defining what the essay would talk about. Moreover, the paragraphs of essay should have unity, coherence and organisation.Similarly, there are variables in an essay which gives strength in presentation of writing; hooks/connectors also give a sequence to the essay which gives it a logical look. It is better to make an outline or synopsis before writing an essay. Remember essay is neither a thesis nor a feasibility report, it is what ‘I say’. So express in your own words and be clear in what you are writing.Composition: Apart from other questions there are three major questions in this paper. These are:

  1. Expansion of an idea or short essay
  2. Precis
  3. Comprehension
Expansion of an idea: The topic should be defined in the first four or five sentences and then explain it. Contribution of examples and observations will also adorn the expression.Precis: It needs the logical sequence of original text also includes the casual reading and the intensive reading, skimming, rough draft and a final draft usually, 1/3 length of the original text. Preferably, a phrase as a title of precis would be a better placement.Comprehension: It is an act of understanding, the better one understands the topic and the passage so, the quality of answers would be better. It is preferred to address these three parts in 40 to 45 minutes each.

What combination should the aspirants opt for the optional subjects in order to secure higher marks?

Marks in optional subjects vary but candidates may take subjects of their own liking and according to their academic background.

What are the ways to get higher marks in interview?

For interview, one should read a lot about current affairs, talk only truth and if one does not know the answer just say ‘sorry’. One should try to give mock interviews to maximum people. Take their observations and try to bring pleasant changes and do revisit the compulsory and optional subjects. One must show respect, go with a smile and argue only if one has a really valid point.

A candidate should be better in English relatively and it includes all aspects reading, writing (presentation and expression) and understanding.
What are the general problems of a CSS candidate?
Actually, there are some basic problems almost for everyone as far as CSS is concerned. These are:
Correct choice of optional subjects.
How to deal with the compulsory papers e.g. Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs because presently, majority of candidates are unable to get high marks in these papers.
English essay and precis have traditionally been a problem.
Unavailability of appropriate guidance and coaching.Why did you opt for DMG?   District Management Group (DMG) is a journey of legacy from times immemorial. To really understand what DMG is, one needs a very wide angle. In fact, DMG covers every aspect of the delivery of service. There are quick promotions vertical and horizontal movements during the service.

Moreover, the current structure is on the pattern of the British Administrative System. The possibility of every kind of job nature i.e. Policing, Taxation, Finance, Foreign Service and Judiciary are few to mention. In fact, this variety is not available any where else and in my opinion, this group has the highest intellectual growth. Adding to this, there are more posts of BS-22 than other groups.

Actually, the fact is that this space is too short to permit my pen to present the past and present postulate of this placement in pure paradigm. So, these distinguished features compelled me to prefer DMG over all other cadres.

Any message

I would like to suggest all the aspirants of CSS that they should:
Write in clean and correct language
Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes
Analysis in the correct dimension pays good marks
Try to get access to foreign books and do quote them while giving answer
Please do not misuse the paper, use it properly because it creates negative impact

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