Proper guidance makes us capable enough what to read, how to read and when to read.

Please tell us about yourself, education and achievements

I belong to Dera Bugti (Balochistan). So, I took my primary education from home town, while from 6th class to FSc I studied in Dera Ghazi Khan. Lastly, I did BSc from Government Degree College, Usta Muhammad (Balochistan). Throughout my academic career, I always got first division.

Then after BSc I could not get admission in any renowned engineering college of Punjab due to high merit and I never went to UET Khuzdar because of prevailing circumstances. So, the only way left for me was preparation of the CSS exam. That’s why I appeared in the CSS-2009 and by the grace of Almighty Allah got selected in the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP). It was my first chance and I consider it the major achievement of my life.

What should be the strategy for the preparation of the CSS exam?

To me CSS is a continuous self-study but at the same time guidance is also very crucial. In my opinion, it is the first and foremost step or part of any strategy which deals with the CSS preparation. Actually, proper guidance makes us capable enough what to read, how to read and when to read. Then second most important aspect of the strategy is the scoring combination of the optional subjects.

Lastly, after getting proper guidance and selection of subjects then comes the proper time management and good writing expression. So, one must develop an immaculate writing style and should also know how to manage time, especially in the paper. Thus in my vision this would be the best and viable strategy.

What strategy one should adopt for the preparation of English essay and composition paper?

One should keep this thing in one’s mind that CSS is a game of English and most of the candidates fail in English essay and composition paper. For essay good writing skill and a bright analytical approach is required.

First of all, one should categorize the essay topics as most important and less important. Then give full attention to the most important topics of essay and also make a comprehensive synopsis of these chosen topics. Now go for the collection of material from the relevant and reliable sources. For instance, if one wants to write essay on ‘Terrorism’ or ‘Foreign policy of Pakistan’ then he/she must consult the works of Ahmad Rashid, Noam Chomosky, Shamshad Ahmad and Tariq Fatemi because it would help a lot.

Moreover, try to personify your essay with reasonable and convincing arguments and do take great care of ‘coherence’ in your arguments while writing essay. As far as the composition paper is concerned, the only panacea for it is practice, practice and practice of precis, short essays and comprehensions. Do get it checked properly from a subject specialist.

What combination should the aspirants opt for the optional subjects in order to secure higher marks?

I think selection of optional subjects is vital for the success of a candidate in the CSS exams. In fact, combination of optional subjects varies from person to person because of their different educational backgrounds and aptitudes.

Actually, the previous education and areas of interests determine the combination of optional subjects to a greater extent. In addition, before selecting the subjects, candidates must have a look on the scoring trends of the optional subjects. For instance, science subjects are technical but scoring likewise Sociology and Journalism can also be good options. Moreover, any regional language if one knows would give higher marks, as my combination was Geography, Indo-Pak history, Sociology and Balochi.

What sort of written presentation an examiner requires?

The examiner needs a well-attempted answer of the given question. First of all, one needs to understand the question what is asked. Then present an effective answer which must contain all aspects of the questions and it must be to the point. So, one can get maximum marks by answering the question in an appropriate way.

What are the ways to get higher marks in interview?

For securing higher marks in an interview, one must prepare well. Similarly, preparation of interview includes an analytical and balanced approach on current affairs, especially on controversial issues.

Moreover, one should also possess adequate knowledge about his optional subjects. In addition, fluency in English speaking and attempting the question will leave a good impression on the interview panel, which will definitely bring good marks in interview. Hence, in my view these are some ways to get good marks in interview.

Preparation of interview includes an analytical and balanced approach on current affairs, especially on controversial issues.
What are the general problems of a CSS candidate in Balochistan?  
Well, due to educational backwardness a candidate from Balochistan faces a number of problems which are:
  • Improper guidance.
  • No awareness about the CSS or other competitive exams at college and university level.
  • No activity about the CSS in other cities except Quetta.
  • Lack of libraries, books and other relevant stuff for study.
  • Poor financial condition of people.
  • No group activity of CSS students for CSS preparation.Any message
    The CSS candidates should believe in their hidden potentials whatever the circumstances may be but if they are sincere with their aim, then they would definitely achieve what they want.  Always believe in Almighty God because He always plans better for us. Best of luck for all the coming students of the CSS.

    By: Baqa Muhammad Bugti

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