In Conversation with Sahibzada Najeebullah, PAS 1st position in Balochistan, CSS 2011

Without proper guidance the Preparation of CSS is just like finding your way in a Maze.

Jahangir’s World Times: Kindly tell us briefly about yourself.

Sahibzada Najeebullah: I did my GCE O-levels from St. Francis Grammar School (2005) Quetta, then A-levels from The City School Quetta (2007) and B.Com from Tameer-e-Nau Public College Quetta (2009). Currently I am doing my MBA from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. Throughout my academic career I remained a ‘ Grade student but after my B.Com I decided to opt for CSS in order to measure my potential abilities. It was a risky thing to do considering my academic grading, but I believed that ‘Higher the risk higher the rewards’.  I am a debater, a presenter, a writer, a social worker and got numerous certificates in the said areas. I have deep interest in policy matters on National and International level. I am a good player of cricket, football and basketball and got several medals in these sports.

JWT: What is so special in DMG and how it is better than other groups?

SN: DMG which has become now Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS) is a dream of every CSS aspirant in my opinion. Because it ensures vertical and horizontal mobility and above all it provides a platform for the policy-making at higher levels. Apart from that, DMG is the elite cadre among other groups. The main attraction was the application of management skills I learned in MBA. I am sure I will be a good Administrator at Provincial and Federal level.

JWT: Being the first position holder in Balochistan in CSS-exam 2011, how did you plan the preparation of exam? Please highlight some steps as a key to success for the aspirants?

SN: ‘I haven’t any special talents, CSS is like any other exams. One should devise a timetable that suits the mood. Remember whatever schedule is followed for preparation; make sure that the optional subjects will give you an edge over rest of the candidates whereas compulsory subjects are good enough to be passed at the range of 40-50. However, steps as key to success for the aspirants are: believing in yourself that you can do it, making the right choice of subjects, and practising the past papers as much as possible.

JWT: Discuss books and notes? What should be prepared and how?

SN: Check past papers first. Then go for ‘Text Books’ that are recommended by the FPSC. Select any book which covers maximum of the questions or chapters that are repeated in the last 10 years. This gives an idea of what to prepare and what not to. Make long notes first and then (for the last night study before CSS papers) make shorter notes in the form of outlines of the notes which you made from the text book. No doubt, making notes is a time consuming process but at the end you are the one to be benefited.

JWT: What strategy should one adopt to create difference among others?

SN: What makes you different from rest of the aspirants is paper presentation i.e. organized thoughts in a well mannered pattern that catches maximum attraction of the examiner. In fact, those three hours spent in examination hall make the difference because if you hold your nerves, you will become the winner as ‘CSS is the game of nerves testing.’

One should devise a timetable that suits the mood. Remember whatever schedule is followed for preparation; make sure that the optional subjects will give you an edge over rest of the candidates
JWT: What are the ways to get higher marks in written as well as in interview and also tell us about your written and interview score in detail?  

SN: Higher marks in written are possible by doing three things i.e. paper presentation, attempting complete paper and choosing the best answers. The interview gives maximum score if you do not try to play tricks on the panel behave like the one you are. However, maturity in thoughts and a balanced analysis of National and International issues gives you an edge over other candidates. A general knowhow of your optional subjects is also essential.

My score in Written: 685, Interview: 183, Grand total: 868 (685+183)
Essay: 40, English: 41, Everyday Science: 51, Current Affairs: 57, Pakistan Affairs: 60, Islamite: 46,
History of USA: 62, Pashto: 52, Accounting: 117 (Paper A; 69, Paper B; 48), Psychology: 159 (Paper A; 82, Paper B; 77)

JWT: Seeking guidance prior to exam is an essential prerequisite of CSS so, what sort of guidance is required for the fresh aspirants of the CSS and how do you see the Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) as far as guidance for CSS-exam is concerned?

SN: Without proper guidance the preparation of CSS is just like finding your way in a maze. Candidates should evaluate their capabilities to pass this exam which is a Bachelor level game. JWT provides perfect guiding light in the darkness and its contribution is worth appreciation.

JWT: Those who have no background of natural sciences, should they opt for psychology as that is always considered a scoring subject?

SN: I suggest psychology as a ‘Must-Take’ option for everyone regardless of his respective educational background. Psychology needs thorough study from a standard book. Making your notes for the subject is again a prerequisite for securing higher marks.

JWT: What are the general problems the CSS candidates face in Balochistan?

SN: Balochistan is lagging behind in education as compared to other provinces. CSS candidates feel a sense of deprivation that they cannot pass this exam. Finally, lack of guidance regarding subject selection and lack of motivation is a major hurdle. If, as a ‘ Graded student, I can do it then why cannot any other do that?

Any Message
There are no second chances, do it in the first go. I am thankful to Almighty Allah. My success would have not been possible without the prayers and support of the beloved ones around me. Mr.Sahibzada Abdul Hadi, my father and my teacher Abdul Rahim yusafzai played a vital role in my success, I dedicate this achievement to these two people. My mother who is no more with us and my brothers & sisters who showed confidence in me and I delivered it.

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