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Jahangir’s World Times


Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) monthly magazine is the project of Jahangir Publishers — a continuation of dedication and service to the nation. For a long time, it has been felt that students and general readers must be kept abreast of current happenings taking place in the world. Jahangir’s World Times provides the critical analysis of upheavals of the world to make an informed decision to be based on the most authentic and authoritative information available.

JWT brings comprehensive coverage of diverse global issues in a straightforward manner. Topics range from breaking world news and the latest market evaluation to thought-provoking book reviews, opinions of analysts to the review of the most recent scientific breakthroughs. Our articles are thoroughly researched and always impartial because we know our readers prefer to make up their own minds.

We are confident that the stimulating range of topics covering almost all fields of knowledge will enable you to discover the difference between information and insight.

By the grace of God within a span of five years, our magazine has become the priority reading for important personalities throughout Pakistan and the contemporary world every month because every latest issue brings insightful reports exclusively on Pakistan as well as on global issues. You’ll see your country as the world sees you, which is not only refreshing, but often eye-catching. You’ll also understand how events in this progressive and dynamic region relate to you and the rest of the world.

Our Mission:
*             Serve and educate society.
*             Objective and critical analyses of the current state of affairs.
*             Cater to the true needs of the student community.