America at A Crossroads


America at A Crossroads.

Trump’s Absolutism and the Clash of Democracy

President Trump embarked on deceitful triumphalism after a fair and free outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. While denying the facts and enlarging the scope of hype, false rhetoric and wickedness to claim a political win utterly divorced from the prevalent facts on America’s ‘We, the People’ landscape. He enticed questionable stance on the results of the election, constantly blaming the Democratic Party and Joe Biden—President-Elect—as the unlawful and fraudulent winner of the election. President Trump’s domestic spoilers are few and those 106 GOP House Republicans supporting the Texas Lawsuit to nullify the results of four US states elections brought a slap to their expectations being rejected by the Supreme Court. President Trump failed miserably to understand the vitality of an effective leader to console the masses in situations of unusual crises, to know his own strengths and weaknesses and to analyze the wisdom of people around him conducting the governing circle. Intelligent and conscientious leaders unite masses in crisis, but Trump is focused on dividing and driving the American people to violence and unpredictable political chaos—the insane egoism that brought downfall of so many leaders in human history.

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