America can’t Help Fighting Wars


America can’t Help Fighting Wars 

The question that always haunts the intelligentsia and the hoi polloi alike is that why America can’t help fighting wars? Why its chequered history is replete with wars without any apposite casus belli? The answer to such questions is quite simple: war is an economic sine qua non of the existence of the United States. Its economy is heavily dependent on its military capital; hence, if there is no war in the world, its economy is likely to nosedive—though the fact is never acknowledged by US political leaders, and seldom by even US media. The big arms companies operating in the United States serve as vertebral column to its economy. Without continuous and prolonged warfare that requires the deployment of their guns, bombs, tanks, warships, submarines, and other military paraphernalia, they would go out of business. This very situation eggs on the US to go to wars either overtly or covertly. According to chronological account of the United States, it has militarily intervened 223 times since its independence.

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