European Elections


European Elections

Young people chose Europe!

The European Parliament elections are over, with the liberal wing sighing with relief, while the right wingers can smugly point to the increase to 25% of representation in the world’s second largest democratically-elected parliament. The good news is that the elections gained something of a new momentum. Since its first-ever direct elections in 1979, the voter turnout has continuously shrunk, while this year there was an increased participation – almost 9% more than the previous elections. This positive trend suggests that people are interested in Europe again. More good news is that the populists and nationalists are contained, and hysteria of a genuine cleavage among pro-EU and anti-EU populist forces is over.

Recent elections to the European Parliament produced better results than one could have expected, and for a simple reason: the silent pro-European majority has spoken.  What they said is that they want to preserve the values on which the European Union was founded. EP elections used to be a boring affair, forsaken by voters and barely noticed by the media. But this election broke the mould, capturing attention as it confounded expectations.

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