Global Peace and Security


Global Peace and Security

World Leaders Betray the Canons of Truth, Wisdom and Humanity

Dr Mahboob A. Khawaja

Today’s Political World at a Glance

Global politics is overwhelmingly becoming robotic when question of safeguard of the mankind comes up. Global political leaders are fast becoming actors on stage – issuing abstract statements of outrage and expressing phony sense of grief when thousands and millions of human lives are bombarded by the weapons they manufacture and sell to crush the human soul, and to support the war economies. The United Nations, UN Secretariat and UN Security Council, all are just debating clubs engaged in time-killing exercises to deceive the mankind, and to betray the ideals of the UN Charter to “safeguard the humanity from the scourge of wars.” Many top UN officials are paid employees with no sense of accountability to the global community. The reality of man-made catastrophic conflicts enhanced by national interests and war-led economies are ingrained in the war racketeering plans across the globe. The knowledge-based and informed mankind of the twenty-first century is the net victim of the global political monsters. Millions of human beings are forcibly displaced, evicted by plans and charcoaled by forbidden chemical weapons across the Middle East, yet most global leaders do nothing to prevent the catastrophes except issuing statements of fake ‘outrage’ reaction as if others were inhuman casualties. We are witnessing abnormal political culture of human bloodbath as being normal.

The global community, currently a divided and dispersed mankind, is unable to challenge the war racketeers and global hangmen who claim to be political leaders. They are egoistic professionals with big mouths without wisdom and full of self-engineered, false democratic clichés, contradictions, distortions and misrepresentation of the rights of common citizens in modern democracies. These are frightening trends for the present and future generations to survive. Most of the economically influential actors occupy the political platforms – either through backdoor conspiracies or entrenched political intrigues. They profess to be intelligent and outspoken for the rights of the people but, in reality, they are offensive to truth and listening to voices of reason and honesty. How do we call for a balancing act in a world terribly imbalanced by nationalism, political and economic ideologies of supremacy and shallow imaginations and practices of human equality, human rights, peace and harmony amongst all the diverse segments of the living humanity?

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