Saudi Kingdom’s Transformation From ultra-conservatism to ultra-modernism


Saudi Kingdom’s Transformation

From ultra-conservatism to ultra-modernism  

Saudi Arabia is, currently, undergoing a phenomenal metamorphosis; a country widely known for its ultra-conservative outlook is now gradually moving towards liberalism. It is witnessing a remarkable transformation in its socioeconomic and cultural contours. The kingdom, once influenced and controlled by the orthodox clergy, did not let women come out of their domestic confines for decades. But, now, the situation has diametrically changed. It has allowed the womenfolk incredible freedom to not only come out of their homes, but also to travel abroad independently. They are, thus, supposed to contribute to country’s socioeconomic development by working shoulder to shoulder with men. Economy, too, is being diversified; the kingdom is jettisoning its chronic dependence on oil revenues and is moving towards rapid industrialization. Acculturation, once regarded as taboo by Saudi society, is now being appreciated bit

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