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Abdul Rasool Syed

With the collapse of Soviet Union back in 1991, the great game that began between the Russian and the British Empire, and culminated in the fight for dominance over Afghanistan, came to an end. This, however, created a power vacuum in the Central Asian region that rich in with hydrocarbon and other precious mineral resources. The big players in world politics, i.e. Russia, China and the United States with their respective vested interests rushed to fill the vacuum left by the Soviet Union. This led to the resumption of a new version of the great game; a collision of three great powers that are out to eliminate one another’s influence in this part of the world. Unlike the previous version, today’s Great game, also dubbed as a new great game by geopolitical experts, is global, more complex and much more dangerous.

“It is now clear that with the renewed great game” remarked G. Asgar Mitha, “there are more players and more rivalry than it was during the game being played out between Britain and Russia in the nineteen and twentieth centuries. In that game there was one winner and one loser. The stakes for which the game is now being played are global supremacy, energy, geography, geopolitical security, religion and financial control.”

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