The Two-State Solution


The Two-State Solution

Keeping the Hope of Peace Alive

Federica Mogherini

Our common region—the Mediterranean and the wider Middle East—is going through a long and difficult transition. The war in Syria is not yet over, and Libya is still torn by violence and instability. While there are new hopes for de-escalation in Yemen, the road to peace is still long. The concept of a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine is being dismantled piece by piece, and tensions have risen again on the border between Israel and Lebanon. In an unstable situation, regional powers are competing to shift the Middle Eastern balance of power in their favour. Too often confrontation and militarization prevail over the search for win-win solutions. The risk of new escalations and new conflicts continues to be high, and we all know that a conflict in the Middle East could easily devolve into a large-scale war with global implications.

Against this backdrop, improved relations between Israel and the Arab World would bring a much-needed breath of fresh air. We, Europeans, support a full normalization of these relations, and we are already engaging with both the Arab World and Israel to promote practical cooperation on issues of common interest—from regional security to climate change adaptation.

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