US-China Trade War


US-China Trade War

Latest Episode in Great Power Competition in Asia-Pacific

 Tauqeer Ahmed

The logic of ‘Money makes the mare go’ has always been present in global politics. Sans economic resources, states cannot reach the position of power and hegemony. It is, then, no coincidence that the superpower of every age was also an economic powerhouse. In contemporary era, economic strength is a channel for gaining political influence and military might. Fall of Soviet Union is a testament to the notion that without financial muscle, military strength cannot take you far in global power competition. It can be observed that long-term hegemony in international system is more ensured when economic ascent precedes military clout. This happens to be case with the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA) and China.

The economic rise of China has always been seen by the United States with suspicion. China is the only country that successfully adapted to global capitalist economic system without changing its socialist economic structure and the system of one-party government. China’s economic success makes it a trickier rival of the United States than Russia as the USA has to compete with China not only in political and military fields but also in economic domain. In American view, due to its political, military and economic prowess China is the only power that can replace the United States as a global hegemon.

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