Theorization of War & the Callousness of Our Times

Theorization of War

Had Idealists comprehended, somehow, the true essence of international relations in the morph of essential environment of competitiveness among states, neither would have the League of Nations failed, nor had the outbreak of Second World War taken place. Moreover, Liberals’ theoretical approach could not halt Hitler who nearly succeeded in conquering the entire Europe. Those who think that Iran would cease its nuclear programme after an agreement with Uncle Sam and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); and would opt for and chalk out a non-interventionist and non-interference foreign policy regarding Syria, Iraq and Yemen are the merely visionary idealists.

How would the United Nations establish a just and egalitarian “World Order” similar to that envisioned by Henry Kissinger, in his recent book, in the current scenario where world nations accentuate interests rather than ideologies, seek peace through power and recognize that great powers can exist even if they disdain the ethical values, and the realistic propositions of world nations consider the war and conflict a norm in contemporary international relations; contrarily, deem perpetual peace in prevailing circumstances nothing but daydreaming. Above and beyond, if Idealists perceive that China, the United States and India would curtail efforts for dominating the Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific, they are unquestionably blemished.

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I wouldn’t repeat the fantasy that Third World War is going to take place soon, and that the Cold War, for sure, ensue after the Crimean episode where the Russian Czar crossed the red lines and the West with her Atlantic Charter couldn’t materialize the anticipated miscalculated framework because they thought that Russian economy had been integrated and she would dare not occupying Crimea or Eastern Ukraine. The ample manifestation of my proposition and Cold War is the Syrian Crisis, where multi-polar world blocs captivating their own agendas; such as the US along with her Western and Middle Eastern allies had been conducting aerial bombardment against the hardliners and extending strategic support to the pro-Iranian militia on the ground. Iran and Russia do exactly the same i.e. countering the US efforts but supporting diplomatically, and surely this is the callousness of our times that results in the plight of innocent and non-combatant masses.

China supports North Korea; US backs Japan and South Korea; Iran and Russia patronize the despotic Syrian regime and Iraqi Premier Al-Abadi; Saudi Arabia and her allies are out to counter Iranian influence in the Middle East; specifically in Syria and Yemen; NATO still sponsors the Baltic States to deter Communism and curb Russian influence and wishes to replicate the Georgian episode of 2009 by escalating its charter; and Russia deems such efforts a threat to her and she had been unyielding and would take strenuous efforts by defying such propositions. Pakistan has been apprehended of these large-scale and intercontinental fluctuations; because it has to bear the brunt of any war in Asia Pacific, Afghanistan or Indian Ocean.

Remember, Silk route initiative, TAPI, IPI and CPEC and the wonder of 21st century, to say the least, is the “SCO” where Communist states have entangled both geopolitical and geo-strategic countries, i.e. Pakistan and her archrival India. Pakistan can extract the utmost benefits from the above-cited programmes but alas, we have numerous obstacles on our road toward peace, prosperity, justice, tranquility and just social order.

Written by: Naqeeb Ullah Kakar

The writer is an MPhil (International Relations)  Scholar at University of Balochistan, Quetta.
Email: naqeeb_khan99@hotmail.com

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