The Strength of Human Rights Education


The Strength of Human Rights Education

Ghufran Wakeel

The violations of human rights have always been the fate of a majority of Pakistanis. Although such violations are exposed at a larger scale by the print and electronic media, yet there is no let-up in them. Today, a little development to protect and promote the rights of Pakistanis is undoubtedly indebted to the vibrant media of Pakistan. But this is certainly not enough, as hundreds of thousands of people are still deprived of their fundamental rights in this country. Dozens of international and local NGOs, a separate Human Rights Ministry and so many other institutions working for people’s rights, seem to have failed when misery and hardships of the downtrodden lot remain the same. We still see hundreds of little kids working in hazardous conditions rather than going to schools. We still have our government hospitals over filled with no adequate facilities of free medical care. A large number of people are without shelter and our educated youth, after going through intense unemployment trauma, find no choice except to waste their lives doing odd jobs abroad. Human rights violations are inevitable until the time our society as a whole decides to fight against it.

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