Corruption or Democracy No Other Way Out


Corruption or Democracy

No Other Way Out

Corruption and democracy are directly linked with each other, in a way that one’s existence causes death of the other. Democracy, which reflects the will of the people, cannot compromise on corruption which is against the will of the people. “For Aristotle, democracy was a vicious form of government, in which many used their power for their own, rather than for the general good,” writes Ellie Kedouri in his essay titled as ‘Democracy and the Third World: Governance for Developing Countries’. Democracy thrives on the rule of law which is a seal on the establishment of a ‘just’ society. While a democratic system gives birth to organized social order, economic development and protection of human rights, corruption brings destruction and devastation to all that. Democracy is a form of government that serves people’s interests and strengthens the society as a whole whereas corruption is “abuse of entrusted power for some personal mileage” which has widespread repercussions on the people living in a

 society, encapsulating that corruption is the last nail in the coffin of democracy.

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