Expected Questions for PMS-2011

English Essay

1.    Disaster management
2.    Global warming
3.    Energy crisis in Pakistan
4.    Woman in Pakistan and status of women in Islam
5.    Media, freedom, problems and suggestions
6.    Socio-political and economic problems of Pakistan
7.    Independence of Judiciary
8.   Clash of Civilisation and hidden objectives of the West. Western biased attitude                  towards Islam, Islam is a religion of peace.
9.    Miserable plight of Muslim Ummah
10.    US’s intervention in Pakistan and its consequences


1.    What do you know about the term Tauhid and Life After Death? What is the                         importance of in Human life?
2.    Ijtihad can play an important role in the establishment of Muslim Ummah and the             making of humanity.
3.    Write a note regarding the Quranic concept of Creation and Folding of the universe.
4.    The Quran and Ahadith
5.    In today’s world, Muslims, everywhere, are being castigated and condemned by the       West as extremists and terrorists. Muslims are about one-fifth of the world population       but they do not have a collective voice. Do you think the concept of Muslim Ummah          is viable in today’s world?
6.    Moral, political, economic and social system of Islam.
7.    Define the religion of Islam? Explain also the idea and place of humanity in Islam.
8.    What is the difference between terrorism and Jihad. Explain it with detail.
9.    Salat, Jehad and Zakat play an important role in the character building.

Pak Affairs
1.    Discuss the role and efforts of Muslim religious leaders for the establishment of Muslim society in the Subcontinent.
2.    Discuss the ideological foundation of the Two-Nation Theory with reference to the contribution of Dr. Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam.
3.    Nadva tul Ulema and Deoband.
4.    Discuss formation of Muslim League, Minto Morley Reforms and Lucknow Pact
5.    Discuss Nehru Report and Quaid-e-Azam’s 14 Points and Lahore Resolution
6.    Discuss Cripps Mission, Cabinet Mission Plan and Redcliff Award
7.    What are the problems and suggestions in the field of Agriculture and Industry?
8.    Discuss Objectives Resolution and 1956 and 1973 constitutions.
9.    Write a comprehensive essay on the promulgation of Islamic System in Pakistan with special reference the role played by the ulema in this process.
10.    Quaid-e-Azam was against the launching a Surgical Operation in the provinces because such steps would be dangerous
11.    Industry, agriculture problems and suggestions
12.    Foreign policy of Pakistan

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