GOOGLE Self-driving Car, A dream comes true

Google’s self-driving dream car project has become a reality, owing to the immense amount of progress that it has made in recent years. The organization shared valuable information about its invention and the success that the project has received. The project was started initially in 2009 under Sebastian Thrun, CEO and cofounder of Udacity, with a focus on negotiating freeways but features such as pedestrian and cyclist detection, sign reading and other advanced software models that have been recently incorporated.

Recent other developments include, the Position Sensor and the Radar which helps the vehicle to understand its position in the world, detecting and measuring the speed in proportion with the other vehicles on the road.

According to Techcrunch, the car has several other characteristics such as the project’s zero per cent accident rate in its five year history of invention.
The entire purpose of the self-driving car project is to make it possible for cars to react to their environment with 100 per cent accuracy, avoiding the 93 per cent of accidents that happen on the road each year due to human error.

The company is now in talks with automobile manufacturers for its production but a time frame of 6 years has been predicted before the first model would come into the market.

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