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Letter to the editor


Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, who belongs to the PML-N, has recently taken over as the new Chief Minister of the Balochistan province. If we have a glance over his background, it dawns on that he is not a good choice for the coveted slot. My question is that how a man whose thoughts are out of understanding can lead a province and that too the one like Balochistan which is grappling with numerous challenges? How he can bring changes? Can Mr Zehri run the province like his predecessor Dr Abdul Malik did?

Naseem Brahim (Turbat)


Liberal Pakistan actually reflects the ideology of the founding father of the country. Unfortunately, over the decades, this liberal ideology has been distorted partly by the successive regimes and partly by the religious-cum-political parties. The growth of religious extremism and intolerance is the byproduct of such a botched attitude.

In our society, the meaning of liberalism has been wrongly construed as an anti-thesis to religion. But, the term ‘liberalism’ is used in variety of meanings to include freedom, equality and tolerance — and nothing irreligious.

It is high time that we recalled the very idea of the Quaid-i-Azam in order to sow the seed of tolerance in our society

Aziz Siyal (Dera Murad Jamali)


Karachi has got rid not only of terrorists but also of bloodletting, massacre and other menaces. Recently, the terrorists tried to attack on Ismaili community. Consequently, two police constables embraced martyrdom while giving security to the Ismaili community. Notwithstanding the success of Operation Zarb-e-Azab against militants, the terrorists are still carrying out merciless onslaughts against innocent people.

In order to curb the terrorists, intelligence agencies are now required to share intelligence with all law-enforcement agencies and build an atmosphere of mutual cooperation. The consequences of this cooperation will surely be far-reaching and long-term.

Abdul Basit Mirbahar (Khuda Bux Mirbahar, Mahesaro)


I have done MSc in Chemistry from Govt. Jahanzeb College Saidu Sharif,Swat. I am now preparing for CSS exam. I have been reading JWT magazine for the last one year and I have found it very useful in my preparation because it is filled with invaluable knowledge and most pertinent information for the aspirants. Moreover the articles on the World and Pakistan affairs greatly enhance general knowledge of the aspirants and prepare them for any competitive exam. The suggestions and ideas from CSS aspirants, officers and teachers are also very useful for the prospective candidates. I will suggest it to all aspirants of CSS and all other competitive exams.

Naveedul Haq (Mingora, Swat)


Social media is a great way for people to stay connected, but you also have to wonder if there is an impact on personal relationships and sleeping patterns when people are spending eight and a half hours on Facebook each week. This was stated by Evan Ravensdale the General Manager of the Sensis, the organization that recently launched its latest Social Media Report.

Out of those surveyed, 14 percent said that they used social media. The report found that  most widely used site by social media users is Facebook (93%), followed by LinkedIn (28%) and Instagram (26%).

Although, the survey was mainly conducted in Australia yet our own realities are not much different as we are increasingly becoming a social-media-obsessed nation. This is not only breaking social ties but is also taking a heavy toll on the health of many users. Logging out is not a very extreme method and is quite easy to do. However, it doesn’t solve the issue completely because you won’t be able to get all your work done if you need to use Facebook.

Irfan Akber (Gwadar)


The year 2015 is over; it’s time now for some soul-searching. We should ask ourselves questions like: have we been able to eliminate terrorism? Have we put an end to the malpractices in our governance system? Have we contributed sincerely to the interest of the nation? Although the government’s radical steps like Operation Zarb-e-Azb and other constructive efforts need to be eulogized, yet the other side of the picture is tellingly bleak.

Our country has numerous individuals who are blessed with the milk of human kindness. The country produces doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, intellectuals and professionals every year. But, regrettably enough, our sorry state of affairs did not change. Humanity remains grief-stricken with ever-increasing chaos. Hospitals, roads, the infrastructure, as a whole, still portray grave mismanagement and disinterest.

Great nations do wholeheartedly realize, acknowledge and learn lessons and expiate for their past sins through such measures that make good for the times to come. The panacea to the problems lies in that our professionals, philosophers and scholars, whom we may collectively call intelligentsia of our country, realize the need of the hour and do whatever they can to educate and enlighten the society through their experience, expertise and professionalism with full dedication. The menace of poverty, barbarity, corruption, bribery and unemployment must be leashed. The government should prioritize its tasks and targets such as eradication of polio and mend or end the rickety education system to be accomplished the upcoming year and make 2016 worth remembering.

Aliza Fatima

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