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The Myriad Challenge We Call Terrorism

Terrorism is the biggest problem our country is facing at present. Big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and, even our capital, Islamabad, are not safe and immune to terrorist attacks. These rogues unleash their bestiality every now and then. They set some nefarious objectives and then try to achieve those at any cost. It’s a fact that most terrorists follow the whims of their masters who pay them huge sums. They kill the humanity for cost of money. We should discourage such elements in our society.

Ahtisham-ul-Haq Shami

Injustice to Teachers

It is the best of times and it is the worst of times as for the very first time in the history of Sindh province that teachers have been recruited on merit. But, the preceding year has been a time of hardships for HST and JST teachers; they did not receive their salaries. In this age of inflation, it becomes very difficult to make both ends meet when you do not receive your income. At one hand, govt makes tall claims to improve education but on the other hand, the ground realities are totally different. Corruption, management and red-tapism are the most ubiquitous ills.

Delay in paying salaries to the teachers particularly those who belong to Thar has added fuel to the fire. So, I request CM, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, media and civil society to take notice of this injustice to teachers.

Kirshan Lal Meghwar

Police Ineptness

We have witnessed that Karachi has been smouldering since many years. So, the government launched a paramilitary operation to create palatable atmosphere but expected results have not been achieved yet and MQM supremo Altaf Hussain had to call for an army operation in the metropolis. A few weeks ago Shikarpur incident shook the whole country and once again the demands of an army operation in Sindh emerged. Are our police incompetent and inept that they can’t restore peace in the city? If answer is yes then only a request can be made to the authorities that no funds should be spent on such an incompetent department.

Pir Muhammad shah
Gambat, Sindh

Revolution: A blister full of puss

A society on the eve of revolution or catastrophe is analogous to a blister full of puss that would need a slight pricking even of a rusted knife, to get ruptured. And this puss is comprised of economic miseries, political frustration, moral deterioration and religious corruption and this is quite unfortunate that Pakistani society is not immune to all omens that may lead a society or a country to collapse, ultimately converting into the distracted society into distortion and dismemberment.

Bilal Inayat
A CSS aspirant

Plight of Working Parents

The reliance of today’s parents on private-tutors has badly affected the performance of children in schools. Initially, school-going children need the attention of their parents especially in connection to their studies. However, owing to tough job routines, many parents fail their responsibilities of teaching their children at home. Resultantly, they seek out private tuitions for them either at home or send their kids to coaching centres. Nevertheless, most of the tuitions do not last longer than an hour the time that is insufficient for studies, especially for the young children. Consequently, these children fail to cover the whole syllabus and to perform well in the examinations. This results in their bad grades which increase the worried of their parents. As a matter of fact, parents should take on their shoulders this immediate responsibility and must take out time from their busy schedules to not only teach their children but also help them in completing their lengthy assignments and homework.

Saqib Khan Yusufzai

New dimensions of Obama’s Speech

President Barak Obama in his annual speech to the Congress declared that his administration will use unilateral force, including drone strikes wherever necessary. He also assured his war-weary nation that mission in Afghanistan is over. Another side of his focus was Iran, he said that his administration had initiated to create strong ties with Iran and would never accept any congressional veto against it. He reiterated that the US reserved its right to act unilaterally, and his drone policy was successful in targeting most wanted terrorist elements worldwide and the drone technology that US assumed was properly constrained. His statement regarding drone strikes continuity was widely applause by the congressmen in the house.

Obama had come with the slogan of change as he was a staunch critic of Iraq War. But, he has been following a dubious policy of use of force and simultaneous dialogue. US is avoiding to get dragged in to war, and will only follow the policy of “proxy” rather than direct involvement and  “light foot print” approach in order to prevent advancement of any extremist and terrorist elements.

Waheed Ali Chandio
QAU, Islamabad.

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