Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor


Pakistan hockey team, being in loose conditions since long, is now officially out of the 2016 Olympics to be played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The failure to qualify shows the pathetic conditions Pakistan’s national game is facing nowadays. The sole responsibility of this fiasco lies with the Pakistan Hockey Federation as it has been reluctant to provide funds to the Green Shirts. It is high time the government brought some new policies and radical changes to revive the glory of hockey in Pakistan.

Chaker Baloch


The importance of civil service in government functioning cannot be denied. The best way to join the civil service is through competitive exam conducted annually by the FPSC. It is beyond saying that how much study and effort a candidate has to put in to get through this exam. One puts his career at stake as he has to wait so long for the final result. So, it’s the right of every candidate who passes the exam after a hectic process of written, psychological, medical & viva voce to be allocated. If fewer vacancies are available, then instead of separate recruitments in other departments like FIA, IB etc., these successful candidates should be adjusted on these seats first.

Authorities need to focus on the issue as otherwise it will be a sheer injustice to the most capable brains of the country.

Abdul Mannan Aslam


The change in syllabus for CSS examination has created unrest especially among those candidates who have already availed one or two chances and who were preparing according to the pre-change syllabus. The reforms introduced by the FPSC in April have compelled all aspirants to reorient their plans as they will have to study many altogether new topics on which sufficient material is not even available.

The scheme of new syllabus including the selection of only single subject from almost all seven groups and the addition of reasoning and ability to Everyday Science have made this exam more difficult and tricky. However, it is a better move in the sense that it shall recruit genuine officers.

Interested students shall think many a time before taking this career-making examination.

Dinesh Chandoo Gujrati
Jhuddo, Mirpurkhas


This refers to a news item whereby Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja remarked on sluggishness of the government on the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP).

It’s almost eight months now that the fateful incident of APS Peshawar happened. However, this act of extreme cruelty and barbarity united the whole nation to achieve one point: to uproot extremist networks from the beloved land of Pakistan. At that crucial time, NAP came like a whiff of fresh air as it was a superb plan that would have weakened the militants and curbed their activities. But, the masses are still waiting its implementation in true letter and spirit. People don’t want to buy the little — but heavy — coffins for their children. They want to get rid of the agonizing mental torture they face upon seeing the graves of APS martyrs.

But, the government is taking everything “as usual” as it, till this day, has taken only the cosmetic and superficial measures while serious and solid action to uproot the cause of such mishaps is still wanted. Justice Khawaja’s remarks that “National Action Plan was nothing more than a joke with the nation as no action is being taken under the initiative,” should serve as an eye-opener for the whole nation.

Saba Sarwar
Mundeki Barian


It is so unfortunate that after 67 years of Pakistan’s independence, we could not move ahead. Our elders offered sacrifices to achieve the purpose of getting an independent state where they could lead their lives under one flag with unity and cohesion. They dreamed to have a piece of land where there would be no evils of racialism and discrimination on the base of colour, caste or creed. But, it has not been more than an elusive dream.

Regrettably, there is no mutual harmony and the feelings of pan-Islamism among the nation of 180 million people. Though Pakistan has only 4 provinces but all of them are separate from one another just on the basis of language, caste and race. It is a reality seldom accepted that the people of one province consider the people of other province as their enemy. Political and so-called religious leaders are doing nothing except adding fuel to the fire of hatred and animosity.

It is my humble request to all political and religious leaders, the academia and civil society activists that please do everything you can to stop this practice.

Muhammad Ismail
Nowshera City


One wonders that why Pakistan is backward despite enormous resources? A number of reasons can be cited as an answer to this perennial question. But, one most important and neglected reason that should have been given due consideration is: backwardness of social sciences in Pakistan. Somehow, we are developed in other sciences e.g. nuclear technology that only a handful of countries possess. However, it is not enough; we have to do more. Majority of our youth tend to become doctors and engineers but only few prefer to build their career in social sciences. But, interestingly, almost half of those who fail to build their career as doctors and engineers come to join social sciences.

Development of society and creating awareness among people requires social norms, values, right and duties. For Pakistan, it is quite necessary to promote social sciences in order to fulfil its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

It is high time that the government formulated policies for promoting social sciences.

Waheed Ali Chandio

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