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Letter to the editor

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In Praise of JWT

I am a student of Govt Superior Science College Khairpur Mirus and, in near future, I want to appear in CSS exam. Recently, I read Jahangir’s World Times magazine and found it filled with a great amount of knowledge and information. It contains great articles on world’s and Pakistan’s current affairs besides information to enhance one’s General Knowledge for other competitive exams. The ideas, suggestions and advice from CSS/PMS aspirants, officers and teachers are also very useful. This magazine is doing a wonderful work to serve the students.

Ghulam Akbar Soomro
Khairpur Mirus

The Rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the Left-winger

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the new leader of the Great Britain’s Labour Party. By electing the man having leftist leanings and inclinations towards socialist ideas, Labours seem resolved to taking their party to its original, a path that was abandoned by Tony Blair. The Labour ‘Jiyalaz’ always termed it a betrayal and didn’t buy what Blair tried to sell them with the label of pragmatism and demand of realpolitik. However, how much the socialist leanings are still relevant and to what extent Jeremy remains successful in reinvigorating a demoralised party having lost two consecutive general elections to rival Conservatives is yet to be seen. But, getting elevated of an underdog to the helm of Labour Party’s leadership still stirs those having an interest in British politics. Despite being a liberal at home, after having seen Liberal Democrats losing all their relevance, and having been disillusioned by Blair’s Labour party, I have developed a strong liking for Cameron’s Conservatives. However, it is wished ardently that Jeremy reinvigorate a new soul in Labour Party as it is vital for a United ‘Great Britain’.

Tassawur Bosal
Mandi Bahauddin

Failure of CDA’s Management

Capital Development Authority is a reputable government department that handles issues and maintains all kinds of development projects and their management as well. But, unfortunately, CDA’s recent action against the katchi abadis is strongly condemned by the public. It was outrageous to see the way the residents of Islamabad’s I-11 katchi abadi were evicted.

Before adopting this harsh attitude and calling the Islamabad police for eviction of residents, why CDA failed to hold result-oriented dialogue with the representatives of katchi abadis so as to resolve the issue amicably.

The problem of katchi abadi is not new as it has been with us since independence. The major factor behind the management’s failure to plan housing projects is that the government shuns its basic responsibility of providing the people with fundamental rights.

I hereby request the higher authorities of capital and the judiciary to look into this crucial matter and resolve it as early as possible.

Tousif Ali Shah

Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister of Pakistan launched a scheme to award laptops to the skilled and talented students in all universities of Pakistan. In the first phase, the laptops were awarded only to the PhD scholars and then MPhil and Master’s degree students. Although numerous students have received the laptops, yet the question is that whether this scheme was at all needed. What I observe is that most students use them only to watch movies and surfing the internet without any purpose rather than using those for study purpose. The scheme did not benefit the students rather it cut the students from their studies.  I request the government to make good, rational decisions so that the students’ education gets enhanced.

Irshad Ali Burfat
University of Sindh Jamshoro

Delayed Projects

All major projects like the Warsak, Mangla and Tarbela dams and the KKH that were launched in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s were completed more or less on time. However, since the 1990s, we have seen that most projects have either been delayed or hit by double or triple the budgeted forecast. Examples of this would be the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project, the New Islamabad International Airport and the Nandipur Power Project.

It is suggested that any project, once approved, should be allowed to go through with minimum funding problems. And with the change of government, funding for a particular project should not be withheld or diverted to some other project. In the long term, mismanagement or corruption causes projects to be delayed.

Asad Ali

Collective Responsibility

we are proud of our armed forces. Whatever happened in Peshawar Airbase attack was indeed sad but we are confident that our men in uniform will crush these terrorists very soon.

It is our collective responsibility to fight these elements. These terror outfits are only misusing Islamic terminologies to dupe people into believing that they are fighting for the cause of Islam. If one carefully observes the actions of these terrorists, one would realize that various foreign intelligence agencies are on the move in our country and these elements are working as puppets to destabilize Pakistan. We should set all kinds of differences aside and work for the prosperity of our country.

Terrorism, terrorists and their ideology will never succeed in Pakistan. The Pakistani media should also act in a responsible manner and cooperate with the armed forces in the fight against terrorism.

Hina Khawar

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