Letters to the Editor (August 2018)

Letters to the Editor (August 2018)


For the last many days, Makran Division has been facing the scourge of water shortage and scorching heat due to suspension of electricity from Iran. Earlier, the low voltage of electricity and extended load shedding had caused many people in this area to bear the brunt of electricity shortage. Many affluent people have installed solar panels, but unfortunately, the impoverished ones still continue to suffer. It is disappointing to see that everybody has turned a deaf ear to the crisis of 14-hour load shedding a day. CPEC is touted as a game changer for Asia but it has, thus far, failed to bring any substantial change to the fate of Balochistan, where people still wait for the good. The concerned authorities are requested to look into the matter to mitigate the ongoing situation.

Shireen Hashim (Karachi)


Balochistan is far behind other parts of Pakistan as far as quality of education is concerned and a recent survey has revealed that the literacy rate in Balochistan is merely 33 percent. There are hundreds of thousands of ghost schools in the province and no one seems to heed the loss the youth is facing owing to the negligence of the government. The children who are studying in the government schools are deprived of fundamental needs like, building walls, chairs, punctual teachers, toilets, drinking water, electricity, school course books and so on. It really makes the people unsatisfied to know the fact that the teachers are receiving their monthly salaries without attending the classes and performing their duties.

Our government is also not paying any attention towards the education system to make it better. The members of our society are also largely illiterate and they are not aware about the benefits of education and knowledge, they are sending their children to find work and boost their family incomes.

This is the right time that we must work to change this situation. Parents must send their children to schools for gaining education and the youth must not be deprived of the meat-and-potatoes opportunities for gaining a quality education in Balochistan anymore!

Munaj Gul Muhammad (Kolahoo)


The trade-war game has been on between China and the US for many months. However, China has always refused to indulge in such a war but has also cautioned that if the war starts, it will win. For China, its currency, Yuan has drastically fallen against the US dollar. The US has recently imposed tariffs on the machinery and electronic products of China: at least 25% duties on $34bn worth of goods. In retaliation, China has also imposed tit-for-tat tariffs on American goods. The S&P 500, America’s leading index of big shares, has fallen by 5% since late January; the CSI 300, China’s analogue, is down by more than 20% over the same period. Chinese officials have tried diplomatic measures to persuade Trump by buying American oil and farm goods. But, Trump showed no signal to forego the war. This war will, surely, have global repercussions which will be haunting the world trade in the months and years to come.

Wajahat Abro (Shikarpur)


China has plans to take the lead from the US in the field of artificial intelligence by 2030 (micro-chips, artificial intelligence, electric cars, and solar panels). It has already begun to use surveillance cameras and special goggles to identify criminals and bank defaulters. China has installed 200 million invisible surveillance cameras (four times the number in the US) at railway stations and airports besides at intersections to oversee unsuspecting car travellers. To acquire an advantage in cutting-edge technologies, China is exploring a number of avenues. For instance, the US company, Advanced Micro Devices, avoided scrutiny by US trade authority by licensing its exclusive microchip designs to China, rather than selling them. Lawlessness, crime and terrorism are our big problems. Perhaps China can help us in this respect.

Salman Asad (Peshawar)


World War III is the sign of acute problems and possibly massive destruction for the world. Efforts on getting more and more economic benefits by many countries, especially the big economies, have caused the inflation rates all around the world go up. The militant group IS wants to rule all over the world and some countries are also involved in this quest. The most lethal weapons and nuclear bombs are now in great numbers. Russia, Iran, China and some other countries are ready to use these. If all these causes of a coming Armageddon are not addressed adequately, the world is in danger of being perished. So, the UN should come forward to save the humanity.

Jalal Ahmed (Karachi)

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