Letters to the Editor (March 2017)

Letter to the editor

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Poor Healthcare System

It appears that the state is not showing enough seriousness in public healthcare amidst the dismal condition of public sector hospitals. The pathetic and shambolic state of these hospitals is worrisome. The doctors are unable to deal with the throngs of patients because of inadequate facilities and lack of beds to accommodate the patients. Desperately, the patients are badly treated in these hospitals and the doctors are often found absent and there is no one to replace them, which is also tormenting for the poor patients. The inadequate healthcare facilities, poorly-trained medical staff, in-shambles emergency and low-standard and unhygienic wards speak volumes about the condition of public hospitals but the government still spends only 0.9pc of GDP on healthcare. There is an urgent need to increase the wherewithal of public healthcare in the best interest of the poor.

Shireen Hashim (Karachi)

Absence of Teachers

The conduct of teachers has put the students of Government Girls Degree College Turbat in a huge problem. They are not willing to attend the classes owing to the problem of low salaries. The students remain in trouble as their exams are just around the corner and there are no teachers to guide them. I request the government to look into the matter and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Fatima Abdul Ghafoor (Absor)

Peaceful Islam and Extremists Groups

Recent spate of terror attacks in Pakistan has devoured many innocent lives. Shockingly, the country has remained under the grim shadow of different terrorist groups since long. During the recent weeks, more than ten blasts in various parts of the country have taken place. Thus, a question arises in the minds of common people that on which ideology these bombers are exploding themselves? The answer always is that it’s not an ideology of Islam rather it’s the ideology of non-Muslims and those who want to defame Islam. History reveals that this religion of peace spread without any force. People accepted the religion due to its unique features that were not present in other ideologies. Islam is a peaceful and perfect religion. Perhaps George Bernard Shaw was referring to these misled people when he said, “Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers.”

Safdar Lakhiar (Hyderabad)

Ischaemic Heart Disease

According to a number of researches, ischaemic heart disease is the most common and deadliest in Pakistan. It mostly affects those people who are weak. When the heart does not receive enough supply of blood and oxygen, it results in blocking up of the arteries. If the patient is not treated properly and urgently, this disease may result in heart failure ergo death. The high risk factors for this disease include high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Due to these factors around 7.25 million people die every year and even a larger number of them still remains untreated. For preventing the disease, it is necessary to get adequate exercise, avoid smoking, eat healthy, maintain a healthy weight, as well as to get regular health screenings that check for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. I request the health authorities to launch awareness for the prevention of Ischemic heart disease and make it no longer a deadly disease in the country.

Sanaullah Samad (Turbat)

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