Letters to the Editor (Oct 2014)

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The unions in education sector were founded to facilitate the teachers. These were to provide them with a platform to raise their voice before the higher echelons to get their grievances addressed. Lamentably, these unions have become a “Mafia” of certain scoundrels and conscienceless elements. I strongly condemn this abominable blot on the prophetic profession. The union leaders want that all appointments, ranging from headmasters/principals to peons are made as per their whims and wishes. If they succeed, then at the helm of the education sector will only be some inept, sycophant administrators.  Increasing budget for education sector or recruiting more teachers to raise the deteriorated standard of education is not going to work unless government puts a full stop to the rascality and hooliganism of these so-called unions. It is the most appropriate time for NGOs, civil society, educationists, and true Sindhis to launch a massive campaign to get rid of these Gullus so as to elevate the education standard.
Ahsan Jamil (Zhob)

State Bank of Pakistan has directed banks and DFIs to submit updated list of loan defaulters for placement of their names on the Exit Control List (ECL). According to the SBP, the policy for placing the names of loan defaulters and bank staff involved in frauds or forgeries, etc. on ECL will be governed under Exit from Pakistan (Control) Rules 2010. The central bank has made the right decision. The current political turmoil in the country has underscored the need for better governance and improved banking practices. Those who owe money to banks and DFIs but are not willing to pay back must face the music. They should face the consequences of committing wilful defaults. After all, the words “wilful default” implies more than negligence or carelessness.
Naqi Zafar (Karachi)

Ironically, the ongoing ‘dynastic democracy’ has become the beauty of our dear homeland. All Pakistanis are deprived of their basic constitutional rights except a few “dynasties” which, unfortunately, have been running the country since the past many decades.
Judiciously speaking, from top to bottom there is a lack of an effective leadership to tackle the present crisis politically. Everyone is a part of the corrupt system since the personal interests have constrained us to be on democracy’s side. Rigging in 2013 elections has been exposed by the report the ECP has issued after more than 9 months.
The prime minister and chief ministers have a moral responsibility to step down until a commission thoroughly audits the election of 2013.
Syed Muneer Ali Shah (Larkana)

Education, indisputably, has a strong connection with economic development. In contemporary world, when the focus is on the ‘knowledge economy,’ the role of education becomes all the more important. After all, a society of literate and skilled citizens has better chances of development at economic and social levels. However, unfortunately, a large number of children are unable to attend schools. According to the “Education For All” Global Monitoring Report, almost 6.5 million children in Pakistan don’t go to school. Countries like India, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ghana, Niger, Kenya and Mali are placed in relatively better positions than Pakistan.
If we have to make our economy stronger in the years to come, we must improve the state of education in Pakistan. This is the only panacea.
Ali Raza Mahesar (Naushahro Feroze)

While reading the “Argy Bargy” segment of “Jahangir’s World Times,” a statement of Chinese president Xi Jinping caught my attention. He said, “Chinese peoples won’t accept the logic of might is right.” This statement startled me because the concept he loathed is omnipresent in our country. Be it the education system, economy, media, nothing is safe from the tyranny of “might is right”.
In Pakistan, unfortunately, there is no consideration for the poor. Here, rich parents send their kids to private schools to provide them with quality education, but the poor cannot afford this luxury due to poverty.
Our country is entirely under the dominance of the well-off people and there is no concept of equality of rights. Like Chinese president if we do not condemn the concept of “might is right,” then we have every chance to be an advanced and a developed nation.
Rameez Ali Mahesar (Naushahro Feroze)

Democracy as a system of governance constituted by a mob is far off from practicability if it is to bring prosperity among the ruled. This notion has its roots in the early thoughts of Plato and Aristotle with the Muslim sages from Tussi to Iqbal fortifying the same idea. All that the celebrated thinkers and philosophers contended can ingeniously be likened to the democracy we are, at present, having in Pakistan. Our ‘democratic’ setup consists of the most inept and the unworthiest segment of the society.
While every Tom, Dick and Harry chants the slogans of democracy deeming it to be the only panacea for the ills of the state, they fail to fathom its essence. Democracy is only when an ordinary person is empowered. Democracy is only when country’s politics is not under the thumb of Bhuttos, Sharifs, Maulanas and Chaudharies, and is only when the ruled are also the rulers.
Farrukh Aziz Ansari (QAU, Islamabad)

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