Mother’s Love and Mother’s Day

Why do mother love her child, and why no one else can love like her? A mother is bound to love her child; and that love begins to develop even before the birth of a child.

Current literature is flooded with examples of mother’s love, her sacrifice and her importance. But this article also includes as why does she love her kids?

Mother’s Day also known as Mother’s Sunday or Mothering Sunday has its roots deep in history. Mothering Sunday primarily is Christian celebration having influence from Roman traditions and Greek Mythology where a day used to be celebrated to pay tribute to Mother of Gods. Due to its background and origin from non-Muslim world; few of Muslim families believe that following this tradition may present their betrayal. Although in modern world; it is no more treated as religious celebration. Instead it is being celebrated as way of paying tribute to one’s own mother.

Societies are developed and designed by mothers, because mother’s lap is world’s first university. Whose teachings, one can never forget. Hence, it will not be wrong to say; that the world is ruled by women (Mothers) not men.
When is Mother’s Day?
This is interesting question as ‘Mother’s Day’ is not standardized; neither has it any fixed date. This has been derived due to cultural influence of multiple religions, societies and mythologies; eventually gaining its popularity almost in all corners of the modern world. After mythologies, lastly it was celebrated as second Sunday of May; where slave workers were allowed to spend one full day with their mothers. In Pakistan second Sunday of May is considered as ‘Mother’s Day’ as well. Many countries like (United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan and New Zealand) mostly celebrate second Sunday of May as ‘Mother’s Day’. (Austria, Hong Kong, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain) celebrate on first Sunday in month of May. Rest of the world has its own reasons and particular dates assigned for celebration of ‘Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day and Muslims

Mothers enjoy great respect and place in Islam; this is why ‘Mother’s Day’ gained popularity in the Muslim world quite quickly. In Islam; it is commonly quoted that ‘Heaven is under the feet of mothers’. In few Muslim countries, birth day of Hazrat Fatima (RA) has been wished to be celebrated as ‘Mother’s Day. But due to several reservations and lack of agreement it was difficult to be decided as Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day in Pakistan
Mother’s Day is celebrated with full zeal and zest in Pakistan; accompanied with strong media campaign. With every passing year majority of companies with their strong advertisement war; help this event be celebrated in Pakistani society with ever increasing intensity. Other than this; in contrast with Valentine’s Day it is considered as more sacred and getting its place in our society more strongly.
Importance of mother
Survival of life, especially human race gets into question, if ‘mother’s love’ is removed alone. Assuming her absence is a distant thought.Either biological or sociological mother, most important fact about mother is; that her love and affection cannot be replicated. Interesting enough, her actions of selfless ness and uncountable sacrifice are same in almost all religions, societies, nations, and almost in all species.Societies are developed and designed by mothers, because mother’s lap is world’s first university. Whose teachings, one can never forget. Hence, it will not be wrong to say; that the world is ruled by women (Mothers) not men.Mothers are first friend and confidant of human, she teach to socialise, defend, struggle, in short; all that is required to live. One of her most special teachings is, to love. Mother’s influence is reason of gentleness and softness in world; researches have shown that these sociological motives i.e. love, recognition and even an affectionate touch are very important for one’s life.

This means, mothers are important for life of individuals, nations and whole world. ‘They live in heart and soul of children’.

Why do mother love her children?
Mind get stirred to get answer of this question, as why does she? And why no one else can love like her. But It cannot be said wrong if one states ‘Mothers are bound to love children.’ Love for her child begins to develop even before birth of a child. Two broader sources of her love can be named as:1)    Psychological (Relation based)
2)    Physiological (Chemical composition based)
When child is born or adopted, mother is also born. Before that female existed, but not mother. No doubt that mother began to love her kids even before their birth. Due to feel of movement of child in their womb they develop a lot of affiliation; after birth they believe their kids as part of their being. Unique sense of realising her child as another being; results in uncontrollable love for life.On the other hand, sociological reasons are said to be stronger than process of maternity; in that case too mothers spend a lot of effort brining up their child; and believe it to be their product. Which turn their motivation such; that they believe comfort, success and strength of children as their own.
It is usually said that the pure love in this world is the love of a mother for her children. Mother’s relation is the strongest and purest amongst all other relations; but why fathers are not that famous for loving children like mothers?This is because hormonal composition of females; especially mother have hormone named as ‘prolactin hormone’ in greater percentage. This is often present in greater quantity in females than males, and due to this hormone females wish to care and shower love over children more than males.
Summing up
Everyone in this world likes to be treated with love and care, and especially being heard. Lovely mums serve all of these natural needs. But have we ever anticipated; mother is human too? And also wish the same; but neither expects nor asks. This is why; just saying her ‘I love you mom’ can give her reason to smile for life. Go ahead and say her, do not miss out this opportunity, as I am saying to both of my mothers; my biological mother and my mother-in-law. (I love you mom)

Remember! She does not need expensive gifts or artificial presentations if you do not mean it. Be true with your thanking and loving expressions. No matter how you say her; she is going to love it.

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