Pakistan at the World Government Summit 2019

Pakistan at the World Government Summit 2019

By: Khalid Khurshid

Over 4,000 individuals from 140 countries, including heads of state and top officials from 30 international organisations, took part in the seventh World Government Summit 2019 (WGS 2019), held from February 10 to 12 at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. Global political and business decision-makers, NGOs and philanthropists chose the seventh Summit to create a vision for a brighter, more sustainable future world. It was a great event for Pakistan as well because Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was one of the keynote speakers at the event. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the World Government Summit in Dubai, in the assembly of distinguished world leaders and businessmen from across the world. He advised the world: ‘Don’t miss the boat’. The premier spoke about his vision for the future of Pakistan and what he sees as its pivotal socioeconomic role in the region and the wider world. Indeed, it was one of those landmark moments when Pakistan became the country that wasn’t trying to find its rightful place on the international stage. Pakistan had arrived!

Imran Khan is the new image of Pakistan in which the leader of the country that is facing multiple issues on the internal and external front is just what he should be: honest, introspective, receptive, a fast learner, farsighted, and action-oriented. In his unscripted speech, Khan expounded time-relevant ideas and plans.

What Prime Minister Imran Khan said is simple.

Pakistan has the potential as well as the promise and human and natural resources to make it a strong and economically vibrant country, ready for full utilisation of all that was ignored or misused or exploited in opportunism or squandered for personal gain and preservation of political hegemony.

Pakistan, having learnt a lot from mistakes that were enormous and the direct and collateral damage that was unquantifiable, is already on a course of correction, fully aware of the imperativeness of now or never.

That Pakistan in the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan may face many short-term hardships. But will in a few years, and in the long run, emerge strong, fair, prosperous, stable and peaceful. That Imran Khan may have been a flawed person and a flawed politician, but as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan is selfless, sincere, incorruptible, fearless and unstoppable.

Excerpts from Pm’s Speech

“Reforms are painful. People suffer a lot. Think of it as a surgical procedure being performed on a person. The patient suffers for a while but then he recovers. The worst thing for a society is to postpone reforms”

“We want to cut down our fiscal deficit, improve our exports and cut down imports. The bills have gone up, obviously.”

“If businesses make money, only then more people will invest in a country. We are working on ease of business. We are changing our tax laws.”

“This is the time – my last word to the investors- this is the time to come to Pakistan when it is just going on the upswing. This is the time to invest in the country and don’t miss the boat.”

“There is a dire need to establish a welfare state in Pakistan just like the one established by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

“I have failed many times in life, but I learnt to rise back up and work even harder to succeed.”

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