PMS exam requires strategy and proper allocation of time

Factors behind getting second position in PMS

Education and achievements
I matriculated from Central Model High School, Lower Mall, Lahore. After that, I did my inter from FC College, Lahore. During my studies in school and college, I participated in domestic cricket. I continued my studies and cricket at the same time. I also played first class cricket and was selected among 30 players of Pakistan Cricket Team. It was a great achievement to join Pakistan Cricket Camp.  I did my masters in Economics from Punjab University, Lahore. I got 649 marks and stood fifth in my university.

Factors behind getting second position in PMS

Regarding getting second position in the PMS Competitive Exams, I want to say that this is the exam of strategy and proper allocation of time. To spend 10 or 12 hours does not matter. Actually, to the point and productive studies matter a lot.
As far as the strategy is concerned, the students ought not to rely on notes. They should consult original textbooks and extricate their own notes from those textbooks.
With the blessing of Allah Almighty, I got 808 marks in the written exam. I would like to thank my parents and teachers for supporting me to pass the PMS competitive examination with flying colours. My marks are following: English Essay: 70, English Composition: 70, Pakistan Affairs: 42, General Knowledge: 69, Islamiat: 77, Urdu: 67, Economics: 138, Punjabi: 150, Social Work:126. I got highest marks in Economics, General Knowledge and English Essay.

As far as the strategy is concerned, the students ought not to rely on notes. They should consult original textbooks and extricate their own notes from those textbooks. These notes are beneficial only to those students who exert efforts. In addition, reading quality newspapers is also lucrative for streamlining your concepts.

Favourite magazine

 I had the subscription of ‘World Times’ and ‘News-week.’ I also consulted newspapers. These were my major sources for seeking information on different contemporary issues.

World Times gives diverse opinions about national and global trends, especially the international and national affairs.

Optional subjects for getting higher marks

I think selection of optional subjects play pivotal role in your total marks. Regarding selection of optional subjects, I like to prefer Punjabi, Social Work, Mass Communication, History and Public Administration. Over and above one should avoid to opt for science subjects.

Steps for PMS preparation

Following are the steps:
Proper guidance
Time management
Writing practice
Reading quality newspapers and World Times Magazine

I am highly indebted to my teachers­, my father; Dr Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi, my mother; Tasnim Jahan, my elder brother; Mohammad Shahrukh, who got 11th position in PMS-09, Prof Agha Mohsin, Dr Ijaz Butt, Dr Ali Muhammad, Dr Shabi-ul-Hasan, Prof Izhar, Mr Kashif Rehman Khan, Prof Imran Bhutta, Prof Mashud-ul-Hassan Berlas, Dr. Shahbaz Malik and Prof Mussarat.

Key for getting higher marks in written

Two things play vital role: Firstly, consultation of the original source helps you get the top position. Secondly, written tests, as many as you can, are very beneficial to getting highest marks. And I adopted the same strategy for topping written exam.

Luck Factor in Competitive Exams

I personally believe that luck and your efforts count as well. If it is divided, I will say that 40 per cent luck and 60 per cent efforts count. Without efforts, one cannot achieve one’s goals. Besides, there is no criterion for awarding score hence it is up to the mood of the examiner and his likings and dislikings.

Technique to prepare English Essay and English Composition

Regarding essay, one should attempt that essay which is in your grip. So, one should not attempt that essay which is unknown to him/her. In order to get higher marks in essay, write an essay daily within stipulated period of time of three hours. Secondly, reading and writing improve your English expression. Students cannot fail in these papers if they practise essay regularly.

Sometimes extraordinary students cannot qualify CSS while an average student gets allocation. Comment

Competition exams demand style and expression. If you are good in expression and get proper guidance from experienced teachers, I think one can remain on the track. If you are hard worker your luck favours. Moreover, to hold your nerves under control during papers plays a vital role.

Any message

Nothing is impossible in this world. With your painstaking efforts, you can touch the pinnacle of glory in life.
By: Abdullah Khurram Niazi

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