Responding to the US threats

Responding to the US threats

In spite of all its machinations, the United States of America has failed to vanquish Pakistan. Now, nothing can happen. When lethal terrorist outfits like TTP, BLA, Al-Qaeda and others, who had their presence from Karachi to Peshawar and from Gwadar to Lahore, could not weaken Pakistan, what would they do now with only a few hundred survivors? When President G.W. Bush threatened to attack Pakistan, he was well positioned to do that because at that time, the range of our missile systems was very limited and Pakistan had little competencies. China, too, was not such a gigantic economic power at that time, nor was it able to defend Pakistan. The country’s relations with Russia were not so cordial or deep.

On the other hand, the United States was a formidable power with no challenger in sight. But, the situation has now changed a lot. Pakistan has a large number of long-range missiles and it is soon going to be in defence alliances with China and Russia from SCO’s platform. Currently, the American forces deployed in the South Asian region and their bases are within the range of Pakistani missiles. Today, the US and its troops are in a defeated state and the US economy is fast approaching its doom because major global powers are out to counter the Petro-dollar policy. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the world’s largest secret agency, has continued to operate throughout the world with unaccounted for expenses. Remember the CIA meets nearly 90 percent of its expenses from the money earned through the business of drugs.

Over these years, the Pakistani army has increased its power in the face of all the hardships, especially the unending war in Afghanistan and its tribal areas. Here are a couple of examples in this regard.

At a time when the US was threatening the world with its radar-evading helicopters, Pakistan tested its HATF-7 (Babar) missile that has stealth technology and cannot be tracked by radar. The United States surprised the Iraqi forces with its tanks made of Tungsten (world’s most tensile metal) and all the weapons of Iraqi forces proved non-effective on these tanks.

However, instead of making such tanks, Pakistani engineers have made bullets of such metal that can destroy these Tungsten tanks. When the US refused to provide drone technology to Pakistan, the country made its own drone (BURAK) within a year’s time.

Now, in response to Donald Trump’s recent diatribe against Pakistan, we should take some steps to respond him befittingly. Some important of them may be as follows:

To immediately accept the most important clause “Joint Defence” in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as in this scenario, an attack on Pakistan will be considered an attack on Russia and China.

Pakistan should try to draw up a definition of “terrorism,” in collaboration with Russia and China so as to decisively isolate the terrorists. The government should also announce that if US launches any drone strike on Pakistan, not only will it be responded in the same coin, but US bases in Afghanistan will also come under attack.

The foreign office should do more hard work on effective border management, intelligence-sharing, and installing of a modern surveillance system on Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

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