The Weirdest Political Parties

1. Work Less Party: The 32-Hour Work Week Campaign, 2. No Candidate Deserves My Vote!, 3. United States Pirate Party, 4. The American Vegetarian Party , 5. Rhinoceros Party of Canada, 6. The American Common Sense Party, 7. Grey Power Party, 8. The Miss Great Britain Party , 9. The Personal Choice Party, 10. Party! Party! Party!

1. Work Less Party: The 32-Hour Work Week Campaign
This Canadian political party was founded on October 1, 2007 and it advocated mainly for the shortening of the work week to 32 hours from 40, a minimum wage increase, and promotion of cultural activities. The WLP was de-registered at the federal level on July 31, 2010.

2. No Candidate Deserves My Vote!
This party was registered in the United Kingdom in 2001. The party’s core policies are to bring about electoral reform by putting a “none of the above” option onto every ballot paper of the future.

3. United States Pirate Party
Founded in 2006 by Brent Allison and Alex English, this party has nothing to do with looting or pillaging. It’s all about the exchange of music and copyrighted material as it pertains to sharing it on the internet.

4. The American Vegetarian Party
This US political party was formed on July 28, 1947. It nominated candidates for President and Vice-President in several elections.

5. Rhinoceros Party of Canada
Started in 1963, the Rhinos were created to contest the federal election in Montreal, Canada. Their campaign promises included taking measures like ending crime by abolishing all laws, and banning lousy Canadian winters.

6. The American Common Sense Party
It has sensibly based its platform around issues like Global Warming, Education, and Health Care on “pragmatic solutions.”

7. Grey Power Party
The elderly men and women of Australia registered this group in 1983 to better represent the opinions of citizens with a mature perspective on national policy.

8. The Miss Great Britain Party
It is a political party in the UK, whose candidates are mostly women who have entered the Miss Great Britain beauty contest. It was founded by Robert de Keyser, the previous chairman of the Miss Great Britain contest.

9. The Personal Choice Party
It was a political party in United States. Its presidential candidate for 2004, Charles Jay, qualified for the ballot in the state of Utah.

10. Party! Party! Party!
This was a short-lived joke political party in Australia. It received only 979 votes (0.69% of the vote) in the only election it contested. Later, the electoral laws in Australia were amended and parties with at least 100 members and a constitution could only get registered.

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