The World’s 20 Strongest Militaries

20 Strongest Militaries

Pakistan Army has been ranked as the 11th strongest military in the world, as per a Credit Suisse report on globalisation. Ranked seven spots after India’s military, the report gives Pakistan a final military strength score of 0.41. Further, the report reveals that Pakistan has more weaponry than Germany, Australia and Canada. The report ranks the strength of 20 countries according to weaponry, including tanks, aircraft, helicopters and submarines, each country represents. Here is the Credit Suisse’s list of the world’s 20 strongest militaries:

20 Strongest Militaries

Note: The factors under consideration for military strength and their total weights are: number of active personnel (5% of total score), tanks (10%), attack helicopters (15%), aircraft (20%), aircraft carriers (25%), and submarines (25%).
The ranking defines military might in purely quantitative terms and does not account for the actual quality of the arms and training that the militaries may have.

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