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JWT top ten

1 – When Justice is Actually Blind

Feb 24: A US jury in New York held the Palestine Liberation Organisation and the Palestinian Authority responsible for a series of attacks in the early 2000s in Israel that killed or wounded several Americans.

2 – In the time of Trouble

Mar 08: Saudi Arabia overtook India in 2014 as the world’s biggest importer of defence equipment, fuelled by tensions in the Middle East, according to a study published by respected analysts IHS Jane’s.

3 – The Islamic State of Boko Haram?

Mar 08: Nigeria’s militant group Boko Haram pledged allegiance to Islamic State, which rules a self-declared “caliphate” in parts of Iraq and Syria. The symbolic move highlights increased coordination between militant movements across North Africa and the Middle East.

4 – A Rare Consensus

Mar 12: Mian Raza Rabbani and Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri took oath as Senate’s chairman and deputy chairman, respectively. Mr Rabbani, the consensus candidate of all parties including the ruling PML-N, was elected unopposed.

5 – The Pride of Pakistani Nation

Mar 13: Pakistan successfully test-fired indigenous armed drone ‘Burraq’ and laser-guided missile ‘Barq’, joining the list of countries owning state of the art military technology. The test takes Pakistan closer to acquiring the technology it has long been demanding from the US.

6 – A Pure Treat to Watch

Mar 21: New Zealand’s Martin Guptill scored an unbeaten 237 runs against West Indies in the quarter final. It is the highest World Cup score of all time and the second-highest in all ODIs. Guptill was dropped on four by Marlon Samuels.

7 – A Sign of Undeterred Determination

Mar 23: Pakistan Day Parade was held at Islamabad after a 7-year hiatus. The day dawned with a 31-gun salute in the federal capital and 21-gun salutes in provincial capitals. The Parade kicked off with a splendid fly-past led by Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.

8 – A Tragedy in the Alps

Mar 25: Germanwings A320 aircraft flying from Barcelona to Düsseldorf crashed in southern French Alps killing all 150 passengers and crew on board. The dead are believed to include 45 Spanish and 67 German nationals.

9 – Connectivity on the Go

Mar 25: PTCL introduced mobility for landline customers through its SmartLink application. The app empowers customers to dial and receive landline calls through mobile phones on-the-go, anywhere and anytime.

10 – The Desert Storm

Mar 26: Saudi Arabia, in coalition with its Gulf region allies, carried out air strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen. The operation’s allied command warned foreign ships from approaching Yemeni ports and declared Yemen’s airspace a “restricted space”.

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