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Letter to the editor

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Good Governance in Pakistan

Governance means the practical use of power and authority aimed at serving the public interest, and achieving prosperity of the masses. However, all those who are vested with these powers, must be accountable for their deeds. Good governance means that people should be left to govern themselves via institutions which gain strength from initiatives and policies taken and adopted by the elected governments. Good governance calls for the establishment of institutions where the virtues of transparency, public empowerment and check and balance are held supreme. That’s why it promotes human rights, gender equality and protects the rights of minorities while providing equal opportunities for all. It drags the democracy to its real democratic purposes. Pakistan is a democratic country but here the elected governments do not care for public interests just like the dictators. The government, nevertheless, should pay heed to promote such kind of values.

Hira Rasheed Memon (Pir Jo Goth, Khairpur Mirus)


Children and the Toy Guns

Children’s fascination with toys is a truth no one can deny. Gun toys like Kalashnikovs, machine guns, rifles, revolvers, laser guns, etc. have flooded the markets in Pakistan due to tremendous sell and cheaper cost. However, these can be dangerous as children after loading these toy guns with plastic bullets fire carelessly and recklessly on each other having no care that it could damage one’s eye, ear, nose, face or may cause serious bluster because of speedy release of bullet.

Playing with toy guns will result in development of violent behaviour in them that will be highly disadvantageous to the nation’s future. It will create an interest for real guns in them.

Dilemma for police to scan out actual culprits is also a worrisome aspect as is evident from an incident in Faisalabad where a teenager was encountered by police mistakenly. Small hands can manage a pen better than the toy guns. So parents should not accept such useless, stupid and potentially harmful demands of their children.

Pakistan needs peaceful and well-educated citizens not rogues or rascals.

Dinesh Chandoo Gujrati (Jhuddo)


Biological Drugs in Pakistan

It’s a common fact that biological drugs are being increasingly seen as the future of medicine. Biomedicines include life-saving products such as blood derivatives, hormones, insulin, vaccines and interferon used by hepatitis patients. But it’s perplexing to note that we do not make biological drugs in Pakistan, and if the few that are manufactured here, are made without a proper research. The Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has failed to register most biological drugs especially during the last two years. It seems a critical issue but more worrying is that no one is taking the notice.

So it is my humble request to the government authorities, especially the DRAP, to pay attention towards this issue.

Naseem Barhim (Turbat)


Amendments in Local Bodies Laws

It is really appreciable that PTI government has successfully conducted the elections to local bodies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. When opposition parties pointed fingers at PTI government and blamed it for ‘organized rigging’ re-polling was conducted on 30th July on 358 polling stations.

As the whole election process has completed now, I would like to point out some of the many flaws in the system of election to the local bodies. The first weak point is about election laws which do not discourage illiterate people from running for the Chairman or Vice-Chairman slots. It is also a matter of national importance because how an uneducated person can be the leader of the literates? If elected, can such a person lead the people towards the right direction? Is this a so-called change in KPK? Is this the first step towards a new Pakistan? The answer is definitely a no then why the PTI-government did not amend the laws?

In the end, I would like to say that the devolution of powers to grassroots level is undoubtedly a good step, but for this, the PTI government should make some necessary amendments especially to those laws related to the qualification of local representative

Muhammad Ismail (City Nowshera (Rashakai)


The Importance of Learning Holy Quran

(An Impassioned Plea by a 14-year-old Matric Student)

The Holy Quran is the book that encompasses all the social, economic, religious and scientific aspects of life. Unfortunately, we, as a nation, have learnt only to preserve Holy Quran, not to learn it. We are, regrettably, unaware of the divine knowledge present in the Quran.

In the past, Muslims emerged as a formidable power in all spheres of life only because they did a lot of research on Holy Quran. Revered scientists like Jabir bin Hayyan, Ibn Al-Haytham and Abu Ali Ibn Sina made great headways in sciences only by resorting to the Quran. But, when Muslims started enjoying luxuries of life and forgot the teachings and message of the Holy Quran, they fell into the depths of misery and wretchedness as is evident from the unending problems of the Muslims across the globe.

Due to poor understanding of the Holy Quran we are entangled in an intricate web of corruption, sectarianism, bribery and bloodshed. If we do not start learning the Holy Quran with full devotion, then the disbelievers will win the race and we will be lagging far behind them in progress and development.

Arsalan Sahito (Khairpur)


Death of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam passed away on 27th of July 2015 at the age of 83 while delivering a lecture on “Creating a Liveable Planet.” The doctors said that it was a cardiac attack. Abdul Kalam was the eleventh president of India who was born in Tamil Nadu, a state of India, on 15 October 1931. Kalam served as President of India for five years from 2002, and enjoyed support of both the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress at the time. He was known as the father of the country’s military missile programme. Popularly known as “Missile Man,” Kalam led the scientific team that developed missiles able to carry India’s nuclear warheads. His death has deprived India with a person of great wisdom and intellect as well as his prowess in science.

Chaker Baloch (Turbat)

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