Online Education Not a casual joyride


Online Education

Not a casual joyride

Hassaan Bin Zubair

Pakistan has observed a steady hike in the spread of Covid-19, which continues till this day. To halt the spread of the killer virus, a two-week closure of schools and universities in Balochistan and two-day closure of educational institutions in Sindh was announced. Afterwards, amidst the fast spread of coronavirus the federal government announced that educational institutions across Pakistan will remain closed till July 15. That’s when the Higher Education Commission (HEC) sprang into action and issued guidelines for colleges and universities whereby it advised universities to look for other solutions. The HEC recommended that universities should shift to online learning. Universities were given the choice to declare the lockdown period as summer vacations. However, if the lockdowns due to coronavirus continue beyond July, universities must begin online classes and remote learning activities for students. With these instructions, the HEC also announced that technologically equipped universities can begin remote learning as soon as they are ready, whereas other universities should prepare themselves and their teachers, and also develop paraphernalia for remote learning.

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