Turkish ATTACK on Syria

People stand together as they flee Ras al Ain town, Syria October 9, 2019. REUTERS/Rodi Said - RC150C998900

Turkish ATTACK on Syria

Russia-Syria Ties                                                                                                                                                   

Russia and Syria have always been strong allies in all major realms. Syria is important for Russia because of trade, political and other reasons which included stopping the proliferation of terrorism within Russian zone of influence. But, Russian support to Assad regime has been mostly logistical and political. Russia always made the bid for no military intervention in Syria but after chemical attack in Ghouta, it convinced Assad to dismantle chemical weapons. Moscow succeeded and OPCW (Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) started dismantling Syrian arsenal of chemicals weapons—In 2013, OPCW was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for this work. However, through Syrian crisis, Russia got a chance to get involved in the Middle Eastern politics. Because it’s the Syrian crisis on which the fate of the whole Middle East depends.image

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