Where is the Team, Captain!

Now, once again the migratory birds are in the air. Big bill boards have appeared along the highways.

Captain!  Hold on. Don’t be carried away by the huge gathering at Minar’ Pakistan. Some people are comparing it with 1940 and some with 1986. ‘Change is in the offing’ some pundits are predicting. Mind you, it’s autumn in this part of the world. Withering leaves are scattering. It’s getting cold. Chilly in the morning, warm at noon and stillness at night is setting in.

Frankly, your sermon was the same old rhetoric. You wasted most of the time making fun of your adversaries or shall I say the only adversary. Was it really something expected from a mature, learned personality? Where should we draw a line between an Oxford laureate and a street smart Dasti? Most of the audiences were the urban folks. Quite a number of them were there to listen to the future hope of Pakistan. Many more were glued to their television sets to hear something new. But! Where was that, Captain?

You said, ‘We will bring back Kashmir’. Sixty four years old monster is still up and alive. World powers are on the side of India. Pakistan has always been left high and dry whenever a resolve was insight. India is encircling Pakistan. She has a long standing relationship with Afghanistan and Iran. Through ongoing many a projects of her there , she will soon be in a position to bag the known three trillion dollars mineral reserves in the area apart from increasing their presence in Afghanistan and also in the Persian Gulf. India is fast eating away the water sources of Pakistan. Arab world is with India too. So called brethren in religion, has more liking towards India. Maximum job opportunities are going to Indians. So called close allies are fighting their theological war on our soil. All of this needs a very meticulously framed foreign policy. You missed the point.

You said’ We will bring back wealth to Pakistan’. Whereas,  the renowned industrialists have shifted their business to Bangladesh, Tashkent, Thailand, Spain and many other places, where money and business are secure. This activity can only be generated in Pakistan if the entrepreneur is safe and confident about his business .How this security can be provided. Captain, what are your plans?

You missed out on internal security. You did mention about FATA and Balochistan. But, how are you going to tackle it. Lawlessness is rampant. Parliamentarians over the time had been and have been simply rogue elements. Fiefdoms have grown stronger. India got rid of them in 1952 because they had a visionary in Walabhai Patel as Home Minister. Is there any one in sight, Captain?

What about education? There was not a mention about this important facet. To me, it is ‘the important’ factor. No Government of sort has tried anything of substance to bring about changes in the system. The distortion of facts of history, included in the curriculum, under the guise of’ Islamization’ by Gen Zia Ul Haq, which has practically shattered the fiber of our society, was not attended to by the subsequent Governments. Captain, you missed the opportunity again.

Now, once again the migratory birds are in the air. Big bill boards have appeared along the highways. Ironically, they all belong to the same old Rajas and Raos, Chaeemas and Chatthas, Butts and Jutts. How the change will come? Who will bring the change? Developed countries or still developing countries like India have shadow cabinets working apposite their governments. They have their manifestos worked out. They criticize the government policies and suggest remedies. You are being tipped as a fresh puff of breeze in the national politics. But! Where is the team Captain.

By: Col (R) Khawar Munir Haroon, SI (M)

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