Why Technocracy is the Only Way Out?

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Why Technocracy is the Only Way Out?

Amjed Jaaved

With change of guards at the SBP, and with removal of a bureaucrat from the post of FBR Chairman, and appointment of a technocrat to take his place, a surreptitious technocratic coup d’état seems to be underway in Pakistan. This development also suggests that the current setup of the country is in stagnant waters, and it is not an easy task to make it delivery-oriented in a short time. So, the government has decided to implement change by installing experts and professionals from various fields as heads of important public sector institutions and government bodies.

Democracy is synonymous with ‘participation’ of the common man in governing process. But, in reality, it has never been so. Prof. Noam Chomsky rightly points out that even the American masses are like a “bewildered herd” that has stopped thinking (Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda). He then asserts that there is a “small percentage of the people,” a “specialized class” who … analyse, execute, make decisions and run things in the political, economic and ideological systems” … and their biggest objective is to tame the ‘bewildered herd’.

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