ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY The New front in foreign policy of Pakistan



The New front in foreign policy of Pakistan

In the contemporary world, only those countries enjoy prestige and power in the global arena which have strong, prosperous economies as well as vigilant diplomats pursuing the interests of their countries in other countries. Although the concept of diplomacy, traditionally, is considered related to state-centric analyses of mainly political agenda, a new domain of diplomacy—Economic Diplomacy—has started gaining ground in recent years. It is a field hitherto unknown—or more rightly unexplored—in Pakistan. However, times are changing and the incumbent government has realized that promoting economic diplomacy is need of the hour, as it will not only strengthen bilateral relations with other countries but existing potential can also be exploited to the maximum level in the field of economy. It, indeed, is a good beginning and the government must pursue this initiative fervently and vigorously, and our diplomats in all parts of the world must also put in all their efforts to reap maximum dividends for their country.

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