The acts of terror, insurgency and crime in Balochistan have reduced significantly in recent weeks. The most probable reason appears to be the assertive civil services, FC and Police, which have worked more or less without the political interference. The Chief Minister keeps offering negotiations to militants. However, governance is still very weak which cannot even ensure payment of dues to the power companies from the departments.

The credit to this decline in violence and terrorism, undoubtedly, goes to FC that has effectively provided security under the Chief Minister’s orders. However, there is no denying the fact that only good governance can help reduce the incidents of crime and extremism in the Province, for which the CM is striving hard.

Balochistan’s socio-political instability, whether insurgency or crime, can indeed be controlled through good and assertive governance only. Any effort to appease the criminals as well as the insurgents with so-called ‘negotiations’ will only embolden the anti-social and anti-Pakistan elements and provide an opportunity for the foreign powers to further exacerbate the situation.

However, the shape of the things to come when some 15 ministers and five advisors are given various departments doesn’t appear promising. These hopefuls have been contesting for the departments which can provide maximum chances of corruption and making dirty-money. The cabinet is yet to be fully functional, and the Province is being run by the Chief Secretary and other Secretaries. Dr Malik, who is so weak that he requests the Taliban not to attack the relief convoys rather than those who are the actual perpetrators, will not be able to control the ministers.

Dr Malik was the very person who had demanded during the debate on the 18th Amendment that education must be given to the provinces. Now, he cannot provide financial resources to higher education and the universities are destitute. At lower levels, ghost schools and teachers, inadequate financial allocations, poor administration and political support for massive cheating at all levels have ruined the education. This is going to doom the future generations having far-reaching adverse effects on the entire country. After the law and order, the education remains the biggest casualty with far-reaching effects needing immediate attention.

The insurgents’ ‘love for the Baloch’ has been amply negated from the fact that rather than providing relief to the earthquake affectees, they are hindering the relief efforts by shooting at troops, helicopters and relief convoys, and ambulances. The attacks have been enough to intimidate civilians and even the earthquake victims. This betrays two things: insurgents are in very small numbers and are controlled by their foreign masters, CIA, RAW and MI6 who don’t care for the starving, injured and dying victims. The TTP has also started showing its presence by carrying out sporadic suicide attacks in Pashtun areas where their movement is hard to be noticed. This needs strict monitoring. Similarly, Afghan border troops have also started border violations for a change. It could be happening only if the masters of Afghanistan were directing them. The nexus between India and US to destabilize Pakistan is clearly evident.

 Dr Malik was the very person who had demanded during the debate on the 18th Amendment that education must be given to the provinces.
 Akbar Bugti died on 26th August, 2006 Three years later, BHC, presumably on pressure from CJP, had allowed registration of an FIR by his son Jamil Bugti in 2009 against the then President, Governor, Home Ministers, DC, etc. The courts are losing respect in the eyes of the public through their visibly prejudiced conduct towards the former President and the Army/FC. This case indeed, provides a judicial precedence to haul up any Army officer fighting insurgency. Army should have, must now at least, tell the judges to conduct themselves with integrity and throw this false case out of courts.
The CJP visits Quetta too often showing his great concern for the ‘missing persons’ but he has not taken any substantial step to ensure good governance in Balochistan. Nawaz Sharif’s running of government is being criticized by a vast majority. Intermittent rise in the rates of petroleum products and energy are being viewed adversely. Imran Khan’s admirers are also condemning him for total lack of wisdom and for his abiding love for criminal TTP. Those who voted for him are now loudly regretting. The romance and hope with new leaders has eroded, rather quickly. Army and FC’s performance in rushing for earthquake relief is appreciated and the insurgents being severally condemned for shooting at the saviours. The presence of the Commander Southern Command, GOC, IGFC and other senior military officers in earthquake affected area has been appreciated generally.

There is a general feeling that the insurgents who fire at the relief efforts must be destroyed now that the army is present in that area. No relief goods be given to the insurgents and the looted goods must be recovered from them. The public, especially in Quetta, seems not motivated to contribute to relief efforts. Perhaps because Awaran has been a known haven for the insurgents due to its remoteness, sparse population, no infrastructure and apathy of the locals or a massive government support is clearly visible for a small population.

By: Imran Jamali

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