Pakistan on the Verge of being Invaded

It’s time to call for national awakening before it’s too late. A proud nation would continue to live, and survive, even if the infrastructure is destroyed.

The incident of May 2 has left deep imprints on our hearts and minds. Flabbergasted with the nuclear facade, the poor nation thought that deterrence would prevent misfortunes from the hawkish powers mingling outside our geographic boundaries and that the civil and military leadership would display courage and wisdom to defeat any nefarious and evil designs of those who are bent upon destabilising Pakistan and breaking it on the basis of linguistic/racial divides.

We always thought that the country is not for sale and the patriotic military leadership would resist any outside incursion, may it be from a superpower. However, we did forget that a country which is feeding a large standing army at the expense of development cuts has failed to find a suitable alternate to the Chief of Army Staff and the mighty intelligence chief. Their extensions were synonym to the fact that it is a tale of loyalists to the king and that the US cannot trust anyone, other than General Kayani and Pasha. It transmitted a false signal that the Pakistan Army is without a competent General who can lead the most dynamic and strong Force, thus questioning the promotion system as well. But did the US do that because of their professional excellence or incompetency, since the US would like to degrade the armed forces of Pakistan through incompetent leaders? Had we properly assessed the traits of our national leadership, we would not have felt the shocks of May 2.

There has been a heated discussion on the authenticity of May 2 action on print and electronic media. While the time would reveal many details, the ground facts negate the death of Osama bin Laden in any such action. He might have died earlier, or had killed himself before the US Special Forces could have entered the compound, but he did not become a target of American Special Forces in Abbottabad. The Abbottabad incident revived the story of 9/11 which nourished a lot of conspiracy theories, but still it is hard to believe that the venture was undertaken by al Qaeda. As a matter of fact, immediately after the fall of Twin Towers, Osama bin Laden negated any involvement in 9/11 incident however, expressed pleasure in what had happened in the US. ‘We did not do it, but we are pleased on what has happened because of the American policies’ was what Osama was quoted as saying after the incident. While we are discussing about the Abbottabad incident, one would like to question as to why the US would like to embarrass Pakistan and its armed forces. Why would it blame Pakistan for its intelligence and military failures despite taking leadership, at all tiers into confidence? It will be quite interesting to join the links and see what sort of picture would emerge from the accumulated facts.

While the Taliban have virtually brought the superpower to its knees in Afghanistan and has forced the Western leadership to initiate direct talks with the Taliban representatives, why would the US administration still hunt for Osama bin Laden instead of Mulla Omer, especially when al Qaeda had no meaningful role to play in Afghanistan? Why would they leave Mulla Omer and go for Osama bin Laden whose physical presence had become meaningless? Why would Osama bin Laden matter so much to the US when he was no more but a symbol of resistance against the US policies and his presence or absence, life or death was of no significant value to those struggling against the US or its allies in Afghanistan or elsewhere in the world? The American people had pinned high hopes from Obama at the time of his election and thought that a wind of change would unleash an era of prosperity in the US. However, Obama and his administration miserably failed and could not come up to the expectations of US citizens. They were losing in Afghanistan and were losing as well at the home front. Economic meltdown had deeply affected the US markets. There were job cuts and high rate of inflation. Obama was losing everywhere and it was anticipated that under the given environment, he will be forced to wrap up all overseas operations in the wake of economic crunch and rising casualty graph. Not only the Democrats but the Republicans too could no more use Osama as a tool for running the election campaign. CIA had to save the US from predicted humiliation and hence Obama appointed Leon Panetta as the Chief of the Agency with Jim Clapper as a Director. The forgotten episode of Osama, who was declared as dead by CIA years ago, had to be given a new life to save Obama, his administration and the US from fatal consequences. The probable objectives of this operation, which included official announcement of Osama’s death, were:-

  • To win back the American nation and provide justification for impending operations.
  • To demoralise the Taliban and force them to surrender, failing which draw them to negotiation table.
  • To create disharmony within the ranks of al Qaeda and to also create leadership crisis.
  • A face saving operation that would facilitate in finalising the exit strategy.
  • To humiliate and degrade Pakistan Armed Forces in front of the world and people of Pakistan and project it, later, as a state that cannot protect its nuclear assets.
  • Further expanding the theatre of operation towards North Waziristan and Quetta/Balo-chistan.
While the Taliban have virtually brought the superpower to its knees in Afghanistan and has forced the Western leadership to initiate direct talks with the Taliban representatives, why would the US administration still hunt for Osama bin Laden instead of Mulla Omer, especially when al Qaeda had no meaningful role to play in Afghanistan?
The Operation Geronimo was spearheaded by Leon Panetta and Jim Clapper who took Obama into confidence on the information based on circumstantial evidence and got approval for its execution. However, Obama was reluctant to give a go ahead due to the probability of a possible backlash, if the mission is jeopardised. A mini-coup by Hilary Clinton, the CIA Chief and Admiral Michael Glenn Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) sidelined President Obama and ordered for its execution without informing the President. The stealth helicopters were in the mid way, when the President was informed and it lasted for, as declared by Americans, 40 minutes. The beauty is that Pakistan Armed Forces which are rightly proud of its air defence system, failed to locate the choppers from Jalalabad to Abbottabad and back. While technology used by the US is far superior to the one used by any other country, the fact remains that even in the 21st century, the most developed armed forces are relying more on human intelligence than the existing technology. It’s quite strange that when the western border is flooded with regular/paramilitary troops along with tentacles of intelligence agencies deployed everywhere the US choppers could not be detected by any machine or human eye. Though the operation has been dramatised to an extent that it will keep generating discussions, guesses and conspiracy theories, yet few interesting facts must be known and questions answered to draw any conclusions:-

–    The house that has been attributed to Osama bin Laden is a conspicuous infrastructure, located just 300 to 400 meters away from the main entrance of Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. The house falls within the security parameter of the Military Academy, and has to be kept under surveillance and cleared before the arrival of any VVIP in the Academy. According to authentic information, a sentry is always posted on the roof top of the same very house whenever a VVIP visits the Academy. Strange to note that despite its clearance from security point of view, Osama and fleet of his relatives could not be detected in the house.

  • It is impossible to believe that the most wanted man was residing in this house and a free access was given to the children to come inside and play with children in the compound, knowing well that children speak out everything that is encountered by them.  –    Detection free flight of four helicopters from Jalalabad to Abbottabad.
  • Landing at Kala Dhaka for quite some time and then taking off for Abbottabad.
  • Prior to the arrival of the US troops, announcements made by people with Pushtoon dialect, asking the residents to remain inside the houses.
  • Blackout in the entire area before the arrival of American forces.
  • The original plan was to launch simultaneous operation from the upper storey and the ground floor, however due to crash landing of the leading helicopter outside the compound, the original plan failed and the Seals were dropped outside the compound. In the next 40 minutes or so, there was no resistance from inside, as if the people were waiting for the Americans to come inside and kill all the occupants. The question arises, why was Osama still on the same floor, when he had sufficient time to leave the compound or at least try for it.
  • If Osama was living there for five years, there must be secret escape routes in the house from where the most wanted person could escape, in case a need arises. Why those escape routes were never used?
  • Who were the people who cordoned off the house? Not at least the troops from US Special Forces?
  • When the COAS had informed the PM at 1:45 about the US operation, why no effort was made to interdict the intruding forces, especially when the element of surprise had been compromised?
  • If the operation was conducted with the connivance of both sides, why it was disowned by the Armed Forces and the Government of Pakistan? And if the Pakistan Government was not taken into confidence, why Rehman Malik made an official confession of having prior knowledge of this particular operation?
  • If Osama had been killed in action, why his body was carried along when it was not to be shown? The DNA test could have been taken with just a blood sample instead of taking the risk of carrying his body.
  • If US were so sure of Osama’s presence, why there was a need of carrying out such a risky operation when the same results could have been achieved by engaging the target with hi-tech missiles or UAVs/drones?
  • Who allowed CIA to establish its safe house in the nearby vicinity of the house where Osama lived?
  • Who was the person declared killed, by CIA a couple of years back in Afghanistan and was labeled as Osama bin Laden?
  • Why the lady, proclaimed to be the wife of Osama, was shot dead by US troops, if there was no resistance from Osama bin Laden. Pakistan claims capture of three wives of Osama bin Laden; if the dead lady is not the wife of Osama, then who is she?
  • Why there were so many misreporting from the White House about the operations?
There are series of questions that remain unanswered. It is hard to believe that the operation was conducted without the tacit approval of the Government of Pakistan and the Armed Forces. Operation Geronimo was planned while taking the Pakistani military and political leadership on board. The fact is that we have sold our sovereignty for a couple of million dollars and are willing to do it for times to follow. A report published in ‘Guardian’ reads ‘Under the terms of the deal, Pakistan would allow US forces to conduct a unilateral raid inside Pakistan in search of Bin Laden, his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the al-Qaeda No3. Afterwards, both sides agreed, Pakistan would vociferously protest the incursion’. It further adds that a former senior US official with knowledge of counter-terrorism operations disclosed that there was an agreement between Bush and Musharraf that if we knew where Osama was, we were going to come and get him. ‘The Pakistanis would put up a hue and cry, but they wouldn’t stop us’.  It was not only Musharraf, but Zardari, Gilani, Rehman Malik, Kayani and Pasha as well who continued to follow the agreement in letter and spirit and formed part of every move that the  US made against or inside Pakistan.  Sharing views in anonymity, a US officer in Afghanistan disagreed to the claims of the death of Osama bin Laden during the operation. According to the statement given by him in confidentiality, it reads ‘We disagree on this operation in that I believe he died a few days ago although until Wednesday, I thought he may have died from kidney failure a few years ago. Either way, he is truly gone now.’

The US military presence in Afghanistan is not ceremonial. It is not specifically meant to defeat al Qaeda, but to guard its strategic interests in the region. Afghanistan was never the end objective of American policymakers, but it was Pakistan that figured out as an important country that must be either neutralised or tamed to make the ends meet. The Russians failed to subdue Pakistan and got embroiled in Afghanistan which was ruled by a pro-Russian leader and the Americans never wanted to repeat the Russian failures. However, while the CIA and State Department were wary of the vacuum in political leadership; they knew well that in presence of strong armed forces, they cannot complete their designs. The Armed Forces of Pakistan had to be degraded, humiliated and brought subservient to American leadership, in case America wanted to control the wealth of Central Asian States, the Indian Ocean through Gwadar, while keeping a check on China, Russia and India by controlling the air space and oceanic waters. A stage was set to lure in the Armed Forces of Pakistan in the war against terrorism and force them to proclaim as its own war. General Musharraf did not miss any chance to please the Americans and gifted them with more than what they had imagined. General Kayani did the rest which earned him a name in the ‘Hall of Fame’. Every action taken inside Pakistan territory by the Americans has not only an approval of the Pakistani civil and military leadership but they are also being provided all assistance in terms of bases, expertise, guidance and intelligence. He allowed the Americans to make Pakistan safe havens for their intelligence operators, who later went out of the control of ISI, initiating a cold war between the two agencies. ISI was not at all informed about the movements of CIA agents in Pakistan which had really annoyed Mr Pasha and thus differences widened between Leon Panetta and Pasha. The story did not end up over here. CIA hired retired Pakistani intelligence officers by paying them heavily, who worked against our national interests. Hiring of these insiders will one day cost Pakistan a very heavy price, which would put the sovereignty of the country at stake. In case of Raymond Davis, who killed two Pakistanis, the top leadership in Pakistan assured the Americans that the CIA operator will be released. We don’t have any dearth of Mir Jaffars and Sadiqs.

This war that is now knocking in every street was never ours. It was against an invader who had invaded a free sovereign country, a country that was recognised by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Assuming for a second that Osama was in Pakistan and killed in action, does this provide a premise to anyone in the world to attack Pakistan. The US failed to understand that a dead Osama will be more lethal, deadly and dangerous than a living Osama. He was living an unknown life, not effective inside Afghanistan or anywhere in the world. But now his theme, his ideology would live, would live to defeat the Zionists, the American designs. Pakistan must revisit its policies before it’s too late. It must be remembered that in a politically fragile Pakistan, the US agenda is to degrade and defame its Armed Forces. To make the world know that the Armed Forces which cannot defend its bases, and military installations will be unable to defend its nuclear assets. In my view, everything that is happening in Pakistan is being planned, financed and backed by CIA, RAW, and Mosad. Unfortunately it is being executed through a few Pakistanis who can sell anything for a couple of dollars. It’s time to call for national awakening before it’s too late. A proud nation would continue to live, and survive, even if the infrastructure is destroyed. The cowards would term the statement as emotional whereas the brave and patriotic would live by it and would prefer death before disgrace.

By: Shanam Khokar

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