Slugfest about Kashmir’s “Special Status”


Slugfest about Kashmir’s ‘Special Status’

Amjed Jaaved

It is eerie that our foreign office, media and the politicians have shallow understanding of the Kashmir dispute. Let us not forget the dimensions to this decades-long conflict. Pakistan is committed to the United Nations resolutions. And, these resolutions do not recognise ‘accession’ of disputed Kashmir under a resolution of the puppet Constituent Kashmir assembly or under Maharaja’s ‘instrument of accession’ on which Indian claimed is based.

India never presented the accession ‘resolution’ or the ‘Maharaja’s instrument of accession’ before the United Nations. Yet, it claims that the occupied Kashmir’s constituent assembly had voted for accession to India. As such, it is no longer necessary for her to let the promised plebiscite be held in Kashmir. Now, it has abrogated ‘special status’ granted by its constitution to the Kashmiris.  Has disputed Kashmir reverted to 1947 status in India’s own parlance?

In parliament, Indian home minister, Amit Shah, banked on the ‘instrument’ which is void.  The Independence Act required intention of accession to be absolute and crystal-clear. But, even a stray glance at the ‘Instrument’ would make it clear that it is equivocal. The ‘Instrument’ expresses ‘intention to set up an interim government and to ask Sheikh Abdullah to carry the responsibilities’ with Maharaja’s prime minister. The last sentence in the alleged ‘Instrument’ is ‘In haste and with kind regards’. Handwritten corrections on the text of the ‘Instrument’ speak volumes about the wavering state of the Maharaja’s mind. Any ‘instrument’ extracted under coercion and duress is invalid under law.

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