Taroscpoe for Elections 2013

While casting the Horoscope and Taroscope for the General Elections 2013, one thing that incessantly struck to my mind was that could there have been any more troubled time than what we are going through nowadays.

General Elections 2013 will be held at a time when the whole world is passing through a chaotic period with a lot of hullabaloo all around. There would have been no year more tumultuous and turbulent like this one. We are going to face a time marred with conflict of interest and ideals, especially from April 26 to May 15.
Possibly, our private and public life will be vulnerable and exposed to drastic and momentous changes. Twenty days after the 26th of April are going to be highly critical in this regard. Now, I will expound the reasons behind my assertions.

First of all, the election date i.e 11th of May, is under the effect of three eclipses. First will be a lunar eclipse on April 26, the second is going to be a solar eclipse taking place on May 10 while the third eclipse will be again lunar and that will be on May 25.

In taroscope, the card for this period is 16th trump ‘The Tower’ and 55th trump ‘Ace of Swords’. The time of ‘The Tower’ will start on April 30 and will last till May 14. Now, what this combination has for us in the stock, let us have a brief account of it.

Under the effect of ‘The Tower’, the main theme of this time is ‘Unexpected and Unforeseeable Change’. Melee, collision, egocentricity, divulge of the secrets, anarchy, competition and rivalry, awakening, religious revival, adjustments and alterations, scandals, etc. coupled with natural calamities and vagaries of weather become the order of the day. Moreover, the misuse of information goes up and bruiting, hoopla and accusations become rampant.

In this period of uncertainty, resignations of some key officials, occupying the highest posts, may come out of the blue. The situation seems to be out of control and the happenings will be often unanticipated. Given these circumstances, the best strategy would be to go into seclusion and wait for the rocky time to pass. This time will not only influence your personal but also the public life.

At present, the fundamental question is whether the elections 2013 will be conducted as per the schedule or not? It is extremely difficult for me to tell something assertively before the 26th of April. A wave of turmoil, chaos and ups and downs will be witnessed. Most probably, this is the reason why the bloodshed and, ultimately, deferment of the elections or unexpected outcomes are being expected. Most pundits predict that the elections will be postponed and the caretaker setup will continue for at least one year. In fact, this is the time of disarray, not to be ignored at all. Though there are some bad omens also but I can say that the election will be conducted, somehow, in time. Though I am not absolutely sure but my intuition is tilted towards elections with a 60-40 ratio.

After the 25th of April, the situation in Quetta might take a shocking turn and the circumstances could turn dire and unmanageable. I think, the elections in the Balochistan province will either be postponed or will be held under the supervision of Pak Army.

Now, let’s take a prospective look on what fate has for us if the elections are conducted at the scheduled time. In this context, I think the tough luck awaits politicians and some tragic events, like Bashir Bilour’s assassination, may affect the whole scenario in a big way. Ominously, some candidates may fall prey to the ongoing violence spree. Many bigwigs will go behind the bars while some might face the harsh luck. At present, judiciary and Army are strong like never before. A strange turn of events is in the offing but it is almost certain that there will be no coup. However, the political affrays will rock the nation and Army and judiciary will have a decisive role in this regard. The rejection of the electoral results also seems probable. Many suits will be filed and we will witness many far-reaching decisions and verdicts.

If we take a look at the political landscape after the elections, no party will be able to command majority in the parliament. Possibly PPP will be in a position to form the government after forging an alliance with smaller parties. Pakistan Mulish League (N) will closely follow the PPP but it isn’t going to be in a position to form the government. However, in the biggest province i.e. Punjab, they will rule the roost.

As far as PTI is concerned, I don’t see the party making a clean sweep but they will bag 20-25 NA seats.
MQM will not be making much progress and it will be placed more or less at the same position as in 2008.
As a whole, 2013 Elections are a harbinger to a changed and a new Pakistan. Irrespective of the elections being held in time or dalayed, the events will take a favourable turn after August 2013 and we will witness, Insha Allah, new vistas that will lead to the development of our beloved homeland.

By: Aliya Nazeer

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