Terrorism Apartheid

terrorism aparthied

In the contemporary world, individuals, world leaders, clerics, liberals and fundamentalists all speak against terrorism and condemn it in all its forms and manifestations. But an in-depth study of the attitudes of the international community reveals that policies to counter terrorism are absolutely ambiguous. The satanic minds of the perpetrators of terrorist attacks and the laxity of those supposed to carve out policies to fight this monster have so complicated the situation that it is difficult to comprehend what is next to come. This has led to the creation of a chaotic situation in almost all parts of the world.

World superpowers, in order to secure their vested interests in alien lands, push people of those regions into the bloody wars. This ultimately unleashes the hydra of terrorism which, unfortunately, has afflicted mostly the Muslim nations. Think tanks of these nations knowing that Muslims are highly emotional and extremely religious people exploit Muslims’ sentiments and use their zeal to defend their religion to pursue the interests the superpowers have in Muslim lands. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the resultant Cold War provide a vivid manifestation of this fact as these led to the breakup of the communist USSR. This mission was accomplished with the help of Mujahideen implanted in Afghanistan by the US with the help of Muslim countries. Ironically, Muslims still believe that they had effected the Soviet retreat from the Afghan soil and they are powerful enough to do the same to any world power.

This theory is being practiced today across the world; the Taliban, al Qaeda, and other militant outfits have the same pattern of thinking about the United States and other Western countries.

Traditionally, the US and UK have aspirations to rule the world — in fact, the UK has ruled many parts of the world for a long time and the US does also have its puppets at the helm in many countries. For this purpose, they are working on sinister plans to create small nation states by disintegrating the existing sovereign countries. These world powers would hardly care if Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe or any other part of the world burns unless their own interests are at stake. Their sole aim is to grab the wealth of weaker or poor nations and it is, perhaps, the biggest cause of the omnipresent terrorism.

The Charlie Hebdo attack in the French capital, Paris, has flabbergasted the world; no doubt the killing of 17 individuals was an extreme brutality. But, it is also true that the terrorists have attacked Pakistan many a time and have killed tens of thousands of innocent people. The attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School on December 16, 2014 was the bloodiest incident in the history of Pakistan. The terrorists carried their killing spree on and more than 140 innocent students lost their lives. Shortly after this gruesome attack, they hit again and this time the venue was an Imambargh in Shikarpur, Sindh. But, these so-called world powers have left Pakistan in the lurch to fight the war on terrorism on its own. Moreover, across Asia and Africa many people have become a soft target for the terrorists. But, the reaction and attitude of the world community is of a total ambivalence and indifference. After Paris attack, leaders of 40 countries came together to lead a march of 3.7 million people to show that they are united against terrorism. But in case of Peshawar carnage, astonishingly no leader uttered even a single word of condemnation of terrorists.

Besides apathy of the international community, our own government could not do anything to redress the grievances of those whose loved ones lost their lives in Shikarpur. No government official dared to reach the spot and console the victims. An APC was called on Peshawar massacre but for Shikarpur victims mum’s the word. Given the gravity of the situation, it is, probably, the last opportunity for the state of Pakistan to take stringent measures and the strictest possible action against the orchestrators of these heinous acts.

During his visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan’s army chief, General Raheel Sharif and the ISI chief provided Afghan government with evidence regarding the presence of Mullah Fazlullah, the leader of outlawed TTP, in Afghanistan’s Kunar province. Previously no heed was paid to Pakistan’s assertions and claims made before the Afghan leadership and the ISAF. The leaders of Hizbut Tahrir and Baloch dissidents have been given asylum in UK. He also demanded from UK officials that these wanted terrorists be handed back to Pakistan. The United States also handed Latifullah Mehsud to Pakistan after Gen Raheel’s visit.

In a wider perspective, the world is now clearly divided on the basis of religion. It seems that Huntington was right to propose his theory of “Clash of Civilizations” because such a schism can never cultivate peace in the world. For instance, in 2013, the then French interior minister — and the current Prime Minster of France — Manuel Valls said in 2013:

“I cannot, as a minister of interior, prevent French jihadists from going to Syria to fulfil their jihad”.

France used these “jihadists” to topple the Assad regime in Syria. But, when these France-sponsored “jihadists” carried out attacks in France, they were declared terrorists. This is the dual policy and it is the basic impediment to harnessing peace and prosperity in the world. This is the reason that today the word is plagued with terrorism and both the East and the West are equally responsible for this fiasco.

To conclude, the Muslims across the world are victims of bigotry and fanaticism. Some of them, knowingly or unknowingly, are being used by these world powers to protect their own interests. The religious radicalism is fast taking roots across the world. This will create hatred, intolerance, violence that may destroy the whole world. Time to act is now!

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