Terrorism at Badaber: Some Soul-Searching is Sorely Needed

Terrorism at Badaber Camp

Badaber camp was given to the United States on a 10-year lease in 1958 during Ayub Khan’s rule. At that time, it was known as Peshawar Air Station where a Communications Group of the American Air Force, under CIA’s direct supervision, had installed interception equipment for spying on the USSR and intercepting their radio communication. This station remained operational till 1970 when the facility was formally closed. During the Soviet-Afghan War of 1979, the base was used as a camp for training Afghan Mujahideen. Some Russian prisoners were also detained at this facility, the act which led to an upheaval known as the Badaber Uprising of 1985. The Badaber in those days was a remote area far away from the Peshawar city but today  this camp is surrounded by residential colonies and shopping centres all around.

     Security arrangements of an institution are devised in such a manner that people living around such installations do not face any problem in their movements and daily routine work. Almost all intelligence agencies and troops responsible for guarding an installation are facing these problems due to which not only the security arrangements are compromised but terrorist elements also exploit this handicap to gain access to outer perimeter. In terrorist attacks on GHQ gate, Kamra, Faisal Base, Karachi and Peshawar Airport and APS the cover of busy roads and populated areas was skilfully utilised to approach the installation and gain unnoticed entry. All the terrorists who attacked Badaber stayed in the localities adjacent to this camp where they reached one by one and were handed over the target details and weapon by their handlers.

In continuation with Operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan, Operations Khyber-I and Khyber-II were also started in the volatile parts of Khyber Agency. Tehsil Bara of Kyber Agency, is adjacent to Badaber  and this area had remained under the influence of militant organizations like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Ansar-ul-Islam, Jamaat-u-Ahrar, Mangal Bagh-led Lashkar-e-Islam etc.

Terrorism at Badaber CampOperation Khyber II was launched to root out the influence of these terrorist organizations which proved successful and people got rid of the dominance of these terrorist elements. Although the Operation successfully restored government’s writ in these areas, the presence of their facilitators and sympathisers in this very area has not been completely eliminated and these people provide logistics and operational support to these terrorist outfits.

Mattani and Adezai villages are located on the other side of Badaber Camp where in the past many proclaimed offenders and terrorists used to take refuge. Police and other law-enforcement agencies had conducted many successful operations against these elements on the tip of intelligence agencies on different occasions and were successful in apprehending undesirable elements.  The nexus of these criminals and the terrorists elements along with the presence of their facilitators has made Peshawar and its surrounding areas very vulnerable to any terrorist attack.

If the uniforms and joggers worn by the Badaber attackers are examined then it will be noticed that these were of the same brand and colour and there were no signs of dirt on those which indicates that they must have boarded a vehicle from a nearby village and that some organised agency must have assisted their preparations and logistics. India’s National Security Adviser, Ajit Doval (the Devil for Pakistanis) had publically accepted that he will use these terrorist organisations against Pakistan by paying huge funds. The way Indian, Premier, Mr Narendra Modi had blatantly admitted his direct involvement in the dismemberment of Pakistan, makes him an international criminal as it is against the  UNO  Charter  to interfere in the internal affairs if a sovereign country. Indian consulates in Afghanistan and RAW officers are in constant touch with the Taliban leaders and are providing them full assistance with the added support and guidance of its Afghan counterpart NDS and Israel Agency Mossad who have long been training terrorists recruited from Pakistan.

Terminal X is an organization that provides secret information on diverse matters. A research by this organization was published on 22nd April 2013 which revealed that Taliban attacked a police station in Jalalabad on 26th March 2013 which housed a secret station of Mossad. Twelve operators of Mossad were killed and two were critically injured in this attack.

This station was being used as a mind-control academy by the Israeli spies who indoctrinated young recruits from within Afghanistan and Pakistan with highly interpolated material related to Islam and they were being trained for carrying out activities against the Army and the people of Pakistan. A large stash of ‘psychological manuals’ written in English and Hebrew along with copies of Islam’s holy books was recovered from the site.

The report further revealed that at least a dozen terrorists, who were killed by the Pakistan Army in the Tirah Valley operation, have their past affiliations traced to this very training centre. Moreover, these Afghan and Pakistani recruits were initially assembled in the Indian consulate in Habibabad area of Jalalabad from where they were handpicked for programming in the above-mentioned Mossad training centre. There are 9 such Mossad centres in Afghanistan and the presence of Israeli agents in them and their activities are kept highly secret.

Some classified documents of Indian agency RAW were leaked in 2010 which revealed a secret operational strategy drawn up by Mossad and RAW for spreading terrorism in Pakistan. This operation was named CIT-X and was to be carried out through a policy known as Dragon Policy. This fiendish plan was aimed at creating new problems for Pakistan Army which was successfully exterminating the terrorists from Pakistani soil. This ‘alliance’ of anti-Pakistan intelligence agencies is providing all financial and logistic support and facilities to the terrorists and it is because of their intrigues that we see that  terrorist have been able to attack different  sensitive installations in Pakistan.

The bonhomie between Afghanistan’s NDS and India’s RAW is on the rise, but on the contrary the agreement for intelligence sharing between Pakistani and Afghan intelligence agencies has died in its nascence. It is so because as long as people like Abdullah Abdullah are there in the Afghan government, there will neither be any progress in the peace process nor will any agreement be honoured because NDS is fully supporting and patronizing terrorist elements inside Pakistan on the behest of these officials; the irrefutable evidence of which has already been provided by Pakistan to Afghan Government.

It is also important to mention here that Indian government is making every possible effort to  ensure that Afghanistan does not become stable and peaceful as they understand that peace in Afghanistan is  directly linked to peace in Pakistan. RAW is involved in incidents of bomb blasts and suicide attacks in Afghanistan under the guise of Taliban by misusing their name and the blame of such activities is put on Pakistan so that relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan do not improve, and remain tense.

The complete planning of the Badaber attack, which was carried out by 14 terrorists at the time of Fajr prayer, was made in Afghanistan. And, there remained absolutely no doubt about it when Tehreek-e-Taliban accepted its responsibility. In this most heinous act of terrorism, people were targeted when they were busy in offering prayer which makes it very clear that terrorists neither believe in any religion nor do they have any nationality or faith and do not have even a slight respect for any ethnic affiliations. Moreover, it is not hard to know from the kind of weapons and their quantity that the terrorists intended to engage the security forces in a long battle because, except one, none of the attackers had worn a suicide vest. The suicide bomber blew him up while advancing toward the guardroom so as to make way for other attackers to get into the Camp.

Terrorism at Badaber Camp

But, the way our security forces responded and killed all the terrorists on the spot is worth appreciation and praise. These brave sons of the nation and, indubitably, the pride of Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force laid their lives but saved Badaber from a big tragedy. Nevertheless, the success of attackers in getting entry into the camp raises many questions on the security arrangements. It is high time that the existing weaknesses, which are there, are identified and remedial actions are undertaken to avoid recurrence of such attacks.  

In the wake of ongoing Operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan, the terrorist organizations have lost their base and they, along with their facilitators, have moved to hide in urban areas or the suburbs. It is due to this phenomenon that we see their activities spreading in all parts of Pakistan. Although it is true that our intelligence agencies have to work beyond their capacity to counter plans of four different intelligence agencies at once yet when such activities are not traced during their planning stage or during move towards the intended target or  at the assembly stage then this reveals the vulnerabilities of our Intelligence Collection System, and demands some immediate reforms. At present, the most pressing need is that the whole process of intelligence sharing, from collection to dissemination between difference civil and military agencies, is well coordinated along with swift and speedy dissemination to ground forces. This will be possible only when all such activities are under the exclusive domain of a single command authority where only professionally qualified operators endowed with the expertise in this field are assigned to handle this sensitive task. The National Action Plan laid special emphasis on the establishment of NACTA (National Counter Terrorism Authority) to improve the capabilities of intelligence collection system which would help protecting lives and properties of Pakistanis and further enhance the performance of security forces but what to say about the vision and ability of our  political leaders that till today neither the NACTA has been made active nor the funds have been provided in this regard. It is ironic that our leaders generally do not possess the vision to look into the future and take such realistic decisions which would be able to protect the life of a common man and bring long-term stability in the country.

Another factor that has been witnessed during such attacks is that not only the terrorists remain in constant telephonic contact with their facilitators, but their handlers also call different newspapers and TV channels to provide details of the ongoing attack. The National Action Plan envisaged certain measures to block such communication but no action has been taken? Moreover, we have to find answers to questions. Like: Has the process of registration been completed? Have perpetrators of economic terrorism been brought to book?

The evidence of Afghan and Indian involvement in terrorism inside Pakistan  presented before the United Nations Security Council and American leadership during Prime Minister’s visit needs to be vigorously pursued   through diplomacy or  through professional lobbyist firms before the Western media. Have we been able to devise such curricula by which we may develop a strong narrative against terrorism in the light of Islamic teachings? Have we registered and taken action against those seminaries which are advocating sectarianism in any way? Have we enhanced the technical capacity of FIA to trace exchange of correspondence through cyber? These are some of the areas where measures are highly crucial to curb terrorism and positive steps in this direction need to be taken now.

Sincere, earnest and honest leaders must identify the looming threats and take measures to make the future of the nation brighter and securer. Leaders do not make policies only to consolidate their power. If our rulers come out of their personal motives and govern the country with a vision and make their policies welfare-oriented where there is no corruption, only then we will be able to get rid of the terrorism monster and achieve a respectable place in the comity of nations.

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